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Dancer Hints and Handouts 
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A Guide to Learning Western Square Dancing for Traditional Dancers   by William B. Ackerman
ID: 219

About Festivals   by Charleen Bunjiovianna
You might want to try a weekend festival!
ID: 192

Advice for Angels   by Bill van Melle
The success of the class depends as much on the attitude of the club as on the talent of the students.
ID: 194

Club Duties and Responsibilities 
ID: 234

Dancing and Studying Hints   by Vic Ceder  reprinted from The Ceder Chest of A1 and A2, C1 and C2, and C3A and C3B Square Dance Definitions books.
A list of dancing and studying hints made available through Vic & Debbie's published definition book series, the Ceder Chest of Square Dance Definitions. This material is copyrighted.
ID: 195

Don't cry over broken squares...fix them!   by Allan Hurst
Ever danced in a square that suddenly broke down? Ever wish there was a way to fix things and keep on dancing with the rest of the hall? Take heart - this article illustrates several different ways to keep on dancing!
ID: 425

Everything About Dancing That Nobody Ever Talks About   by Dave Goldman
ID: 216

Good Contra and Square Dancing Defined   by Paul Tyler
ID: 217

Ground Rules for Square Dancing 
Ten rules to help enjoy dancing.
ID: 233

Hand Positioning   by Bill van Melle
ID: 190

Handholds - Why and How   by Orlo Hoadley
ID: 316

Helpful Dancing Tips  by Debi Bliss
A few tips on improving dancing.
ID: 119

Helping in a square   by Clark Baker
The issue of unsolicited helping while square dancing is very complex. The net gain from helping a square (the gains from getting more material minus the loss due to ill will and bad feelings) may not be as large as you think.
ID: 409

Lost Squares   reprinted from Callerlab press release March 2002
A recommended procedure for returning to dancing once a square has broken down.
ID: 317

Rules of Square Dancing  by Tom Gray
Square Dancing made easy with 13 rules.
ID: 120

Some Square Dance Jargon   by Bill van Melle
ID: 187

Square Dance Angels   reprinted from NSDCA, Minnesota
Simple rules for class angels.
ID: 228

Square Dance Attire   by Bill van Melle
ID: 191

Square Dance Etiquette   by Bill van Melle
Here are a few tips on square dance behavior--customs peculiar to square dancing, as well as common sense reminders to respect your fellow dancers.
ID: 188

Square Dancing Etiquette Revisited   by Charles Young
When we were introduced to BASIC level square dancing, we were presented with a list of the "10 Basic Rules of Square Dancing Etiquette" which included items like "Always use a deodorant" and "Don't drink before attending a dance." After many years of dancing, we have additional items to add to the list, based on observations of behavior that is questionable.
ID: 393

Suggestions for Square Dancers 
Square dancing etiquette, expectations, and recommendations.
ID: 235

Swinging Tips   by Bill van Melle
How to "Swing your Partner".
ID: 189

Ten Commandments for Square Dancing 
ID: 239

The Joy of Angelling   by Allan Hurst
Being a club angel: what's in it for you? Some of the answers in this article may surprise you. (Keep in mind that even students with only a couple of months under their belts, can benefit from angelling a new Basic class.) There have been excellent articles on how to angel, and on appropriate behavior for both angels and students in a square dance class. Rather than discuss how to angel, let's examine why it's important for dancers to angel.
ID: 424

The Pleasure Principle   by F. William Chickering
A Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Square Dance Behavior.
ID: 226

What Makes a Good Dancer   by Bill van Melle
There is more to square dancing than just knowing the calls.
ID: 193
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