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Challenge Dancer Responsibilities   by Charles Young
Because Challenge Square Dancing is more difficult and demanding it requires a high level of commitment to the art of Square Dancing and a high level of cooperation amongst the dancers in each square.

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Welcome to Challenge Dancing   by Charles Young
So you're thinking about taking Challenge lessons. You will find Challenge square dancing to be intellectually challenging and stimulating. It can be done and done well. And it is fun to dance at the Challenge levels.

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Jay Concept   by Charles Young
An explanation of the Jay Concept.

Once Removed Dance Strategies   by Charles Young
A discussion of the definition of Once Removed, problems with the Once Removed concept, and strategies which may be used to dance this concept. Many diagrams are included.

Once Removed Notes and Diagrams   by Charles Young
The Once Removed concept is one of the hardest and least understood concepts in Challenge square dancing. This paper provides an explanation of this concept for most of us. This will be done by showing sample calls with some discussions of the nuances of the examples including discussion of the strategy to be used for the call.

Parallelograms and Offsets Notes and Diagrams   by Charles Young
There are some basic facts about parallelograms that must be understood if you are to become competent in the use of the concept.

Split Phantom Lines / Columns   by Charles Young
A list of the things you must know when you do Split Phantom concept calls.

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Square Dancing Etiquette Revisited   by Charles Young
When we were introduced to BASIC level square dancing, we were presented with a list of the "10 Basic Rules of Square Dancing Etiquette" which included items like "Always use a deodorant" and "Don't drink before attending a dance." After many years of dancing, we have additional items to add to the list, based on observations of behavior that is questionable.

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Star Tips   by Charles Young
We see star tips listed on many dance, festival and weekend flyers. But what do we know about star tips? -- Copyright © 2021 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.