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 Report a honey bee swarm in the Santa Ynez Valley 

Report a honey bee swarm in the Santa Ynez Valley
  • Use this page to submit a honey bee swarm report for the Santa Ynez Valley, California.
  • Ballard> - Buellton - Los Olivos - Santa Ynez - Solvang
  • We would be happy to collect any accessible swarms of honeybees within the
    santa ynez valley and relocate them into one of our hives free of charge.
  • The earlier a swarm is reported, the better.
    The swarm may leave to inhabit somewhere where it's not wanted.
    In cold or wet weather, the swarm may perish or greatly diminish in numbers.
  • If we can't collect the swarm ourselves, we'll forward your request to another local beekeeper.
  • Swarm capture is usually free. Removal of an established colony may involve a fee.
  • Please be sure they are honey bees, and not yellow jackets or wasps. Bee or Wasp?
  • Honey bees will be gently captured and relocated to a good home.
  • Submitting this form sends text messages and emails to both Vic and Debbie.
    We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to read About Swarms and Why Save Bees?
  E-mail (optional)
Phone Number and/or other Contact Information
Address of Swarm - Is the swarm on your property?
Location of Swarm - on tree, building, fence. How high up?  Details please!
Size of Swarm - e.g., grapefruit, basket ball, beach ball
Comments - How long has the swarm been there? Any concerns?

21-May-2019 07:03:52
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