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Sally Goodin'
4-Bar-B 6078
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Sally Goodin'
ID: 8978
   Side A  

Label information
Grid list of 4-Bar-B recordings
Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Otto Dunn (picture)     recordings by Otto Dunn

Otto Dunn

Cue Sheet


Well, bow to your partner and corner too
Four ladies chain, go straight across
Turn them all the way around, don't let them get lost
Chain them back home, don't refrain
Head ladies center T-Cup chain
Right hand star and go 3/4, side to the right
New heads with a left hand star and go 1 1/4, side to the right
New heads left hand star go 1 1/4, sides to the right
The new heads right hand star go 3/4, sides to the right
Back right out and circle left and round you go
Dopaso: partner left, corner by the right, corner left
Hang on tight, allemande thar, men swing in back 'em on up
Remake your thar 1/4 by the left, 1/2 by the right, 3/4 by the left
Girls star right, sugar in the middle of the night
Remake it with a left and a right and a left
Boys star right, back them on in, back them on in the middle of the night
Slip the clutch, do a ala-man left
All 8 spin the top, turn 1/2 to the right
Girls make a left hand star, all the way around to the same boy
All 8 spin the top, boys make a left hand star, all the way around to the same girl
Turn thru, find your corner
Left allemande, partner right, right and left grand you go
Hoop and holler, shout and sing
Promenade go round the ring with the pretty little thing
Right back home, when you get there
Just bow to the partner and corner, too
(note Otto introduces Jana Jae and continues with the instrumental)



ID: 8978
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