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No Tear Drops Tonight
Blue Star 1594
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No Tear Drops Tonight
ID: 8228

LabelBlue Star
Label information
Grid list of Blue Star recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Larry Faught (picture)     recordings by Larry Faught

Larry Faught

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Cue Sheet


Allemande left, allemande G,
a right to your partner turn back 3
Go left and right, a left once more, around this girl, turn back 4
Count off 4, go round the ring, turn old #4 a left hand swing
Gents star right across the land, find your corner man
Left allemande, let's weave the ring now
Meet your girl and promenade
Walk along until tomorrow
And there'll be no tear drops tonight

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head two ladies chain to the right, turn these girls and hold them tight
New head ladies chain across, turn the girl and don't get lost
2 & 4 go up and back, lead right out to the right of the track
Circle 4 to a line, move forward 8 and back
Star thru, dive thru, square thru 3
3/4 round, your corner swing
Swing this corner lady there, promenade go round the square
And there'll be no tear drops tonight


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There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight Lyrics ID: 1119

I'll pretend I'm free from sorrow
Make believe that wrong is right
Your wedding day will be tomorrow
But there'll be no teardrops tonight

Why oh why should you desert me
Are you doing this for spite
If you only want to hurt me
Then there'll be no teardrops tonight

I'll believe that you still love me
When you wear your veil of white
But you think that you're above me
But there'll be no teardrops tonight

Shame oh shame for what you're doin'
Other arms will hold you tight
You don't care whose life you ruin
But there'll be no teardrops tonight

Lyrics by Hank Williams.
Recorded by Tony Bennett.



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