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MacGregor 8215
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Casey Jones / Sweetest Gal In Town
MacGregor 8215

ID: 7943
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   Side B  

TypeSinging Call (two instrumentals)MacGregor
Label information
Grid list of MacGregor recordings
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Fenton Jones
Fenton Jones
Piano Sheet Music
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Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet side A

BREAK    Basic

Now you allemande left with the old left hand
Partners right, a right & left grand
Hand over hand till you meet your maid
Take her hand, we'll promenade
Promenade your pretty little lady
Listen to the engine's moan
Get back home and swing your baby
The man at the throttle is Casey Jones


Now 1 & 3 lead to the right, circle up 4 with all your might
Circle up 4 and here we go, break it all up with a do-ci-do*
Partners left, left hand around, opposites right, right hand around
Partners left, turn 'em around, circle up 4 when you come down
The head gents break, form 2 lines
Go forward and back, you're doin' fine
Eight to the center, a right hand star
Back by the left, but not too far
**Blow the whistle, shovel in the coal
Around the bend, make the drivers roll
The ladies roll back, pass your own
Swing the next old Casey Jones

SEQUENCE: (Break, figure for head couples, break, figure for head couples, break, figure for side couples, break, figure for side couples, break)

*Do-ci-do: from a circle of 4.
California style: At the call of "break it all up with a do-ci-do",
the ladies cross over, passing left shoulders, then execute a right face
twirl and face their partners, extending left hands to their partner's
left hands. All walking forward, the gents pull their partners by and
extend their right hands to the right hand of the opposite lady, walking
a full turn around her, then returning to their partners, the gents
wheel the ladies around (CCW) into position.

Texas style: Same execution as explained above, except the ladies do not cross over.
The gents catch their partners by the left hand immediately on the call of do-ci-do.
This is another one of the older figures of square dancing and should never be allowed
to fade out of our present modern day square dance.

**On the call of Blow The Whistle, Shovel In The Coal, the dancers place their
right hands on the left shoulder of the person in front of them, then place their
left hands on the left elbow of the person in front of them. Turning the left arms
in a revolving motion, the dancers execute a scooting step (as if on a scooter)
moving forward (CCW). It's a lot of fun calling ding, ding, toot, toot, as they
roll the big locomotive down the track with Casey Jones at the throttle!
Cue Sheet side B


Walk all around your left hand lady
See saw round your pretty little baby
Join your hands, let's circle round the floor
The first old gent, it's up to you
An ox-bow loop*, let's take 'em thru
Pull 'em thru, now don't be slow
Walk on your heel and on your toe
Straighten 'em out, you're facing in
Circle left, you're gone again
Allemande left all just one
Promenade your honeybun
Hey, promenade Miss Betsy Brown
Take her home, we'll settle down
And swing with the sweetest gal in town


1 & 3 stand back to back
Your corners right, you box the gnat
The new head couples trail thru
U-turn back, pass thru
Separate around two more
Hook on the ends, two lines of 4
Forward 8, come back that way
Whirlaway with a 1/2 sashay
Pass thru, all turn right
Single file with all your might
Gals roll back, pass one man
Promenade with Dapper Dan
Promenade Miss Betsy Brown
Take her home to settle down
And swing with the sweetest gal in town

*Ox-bow loop: Without breaking hand holds, the #1 gent arches his left arm
and backing under his own left arm, he ducks between #4 lady and #4 gent. He stands
back to back with #4 gent and pulls the other dancers through until all are facing
the center of the set. (This is a lot of fun and is one of the older type figures
that has been enjoyed so much in the past.) #4 gent will duck between the #3 couple.

Lyrics are provided for informational and educational purposes only. Lyrics are
subject to all U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners.

The Ballad Of Casey Jones

Come all you rounders that want to hear
The story of a brave engineer
Casey Jones was the rounder's name
On a six eight wheeler, boys, he won his fame
The caller called Casey at half past four
He kissed his wife at the station door
He mounted to the cabin with the orders in his hand
And he took his farewell trip to that promised land
Casey Jones mounted to his cabin
Casey Jones with his orders in his hand
Casey Jones mounted to his cabin
And he took his farewell trip to that promised land

When he pulled up that Reno hill
He whistled for the crossing with an awful shrill
The switchman knew by the engine's moan
That the man at the throttle was Casey Jones
He looked at his water and his water was low
He looked at his watch and his watch was slow
He turned to his fireman and this is what he said
Boy, we're going to reach Frisco, but we'll all be dead
Casey Jones - going to reach Frisco
Casey Jones - but we'll all be dead
Casey Jones - going to reach Frisco
We're going to reach Frisco, but we'll all be dead

So turn on your water and shovel in your coal
Stick your head out the window, watch those drivers roll
I'll drive her till she leaves the rail
For I'm eight hours late by that Western Mail
When he was within six miles of the place
There number four stared him straight in the face
He turned to his fireman, said Jim you'd better jump
For there're two locomotives that are going to bump
Casey Jones - two locomotives
Casey Jones - going to bump
Casey Jones - two locomotives
There're two locomotives that are going to bump

Casey said just before he died
There're two more roads I would like to ride
The fireman said, Which ones can they be?
Oh the Northern Pacific and the Santa Fe
Mrs. Jones sat at her bed a-sighing
Just to hear the news that her Casey was dying
Hush up children, and quit your cryin'
For you've got another poppa on the Salt Lake Line
Casey Jones - got another poppa
Casey Jones - on the Salt Lake Line
Casey Jones - got another poppa
For you've got another poppa on the Salt Lake Line

Composed by Eddie Newton.
Lyrics by Wallace Saunders, Casey Jones' engine wiper.
Recorded by Billy Murray; Pete Seeger; Johnny Cash; many others.

Handle List
1429  Allemande Left  [Basic]
1356 Right & Left Grand [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic]
1111 Swing [A2]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
626 Lead (Right|Left) [Basic]
1472 Right DIRECTION
1503 Circle (Left|Right) [Basic]
1482 4 (number)
241 Circle To A Line [Basic]
519 Forward & Back [Basic]
1486 8 (number)
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
1461 Star (Right|Left) [Basic]
1472 Right DIRECTION
630 Left (used as Mirror) CONCEPT
1436 Girl(s) IDENTIFIER
874 Roll Back (n) (from Promenade) [Basic]
1971 Pass By (n) [Basic]
1479 1 (number)
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]

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