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Almost Persuaded
Blue Star 1800
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Almost Persuaded
ID: 7112

LabelBlue Star
Label information
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TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Larry Faught (picture)     recordings by Larry Faught

Larry Faught

Cue Sheet


Join your hands and you circle the ring go
Walk all around the corner, see saw your own
4 men star right, go once around tonight
Your corners allemande and weave the ring
And I was almost persuaded
Dosado and swing with your girl
Promenade, go walkin with your maid
Take the lady right on home and then

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Now the head ladies to the right you chain her
And heads go forward up and back, star thru
Pass thru, go right & left thru and turn I say
Swing thru and rock an ocean wave
Girls trade, boys trade, and turn thru
Left allemande, come on back and promenade
Almost persuaded
But lovin you made me go home


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Almost Persuaded Lyrics ID: 1215

Last night all alone in a barroom
Met a girl with a drink in her hand
She had ruby red lips, coal black hair
And eyes that would tempt any man.

Then she came and sat down at my table
As she placed her soft hands in mine
I found myself wanting to kiss her
For temptation was flowing like wine.

And I was almost persuaded to strip myself of my pride
Almost persuaded to push my conscience aside
Then we danced and she whispered, "I need you,
Take me away from here and be my man."

Then I looked into her eyes and saw it
The reflection of my wedding band
And I was almost persuaded to let strange lips lead me on
Almost persuaded but your sweet love made me stop and go home.

Lyrics by Billy Sherrill and Glenn Sutton.
Recorded by The Statler Brothers; David Houston.



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