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Don't Let 'Em Steal Your Gal
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Don't Let 'Em Steal Your Gal
Top 25286

ID: 6708

TypeSinging Call
Label information
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet


Join hands and circle left and around the ring you go
Keep walking all the way around the ring you know
And then left allemande and do a grand sashay
You dosado her, pull by and go there
See saw the next, left hand and pull her by
You dosado and around this lady fly you pull her by
See saw the next you pull her by,
dosado your pet
Left allemande and promenade with your pal
Don't let them steal your gal

FIGURE    C4, R-H lady progression

4 ladies chain 3/4 round you go
Heads promenade half round you know
Lead to the right and circle to a line
Go up and back there
Go right & left thru there
You turn the girl and then square thru you know
And when you're through you do the cloverflow*
Move round the ring, the corner swing
Left allemande, promenade and then
You promenade a brand new pal
Don't let 'em steal this gal


*Cloverflow: is done from a normal Trade By position (i.e., two couples in the center of the square facing into the square and two couples on the outside facing out). On the call Cloverflow, the couples facing in pass thru while the couples facing out do a cloverleaf. Then the new couples facing in (i.e., those who were facing out before) pass thru, while the new couples facing out (i.e., those who were facing in before) do a cloverleaf. The movement ends when two couples at each end of the square are facing each other (i.e., in an Eight Chain Thru position).

ID: 6708
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