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FTC 32035
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FTC 32035

ID: 12086

TypeSinging Call
Label information
Grid list of FTC recordings
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Cue Sheet


Join hands and circle left, you go walking round the ring you bet
Walk all around your corner lady, see saw round your pet
The men star by the right and go once around the ring you know
Then allemande left with your left hand, grand right & left you go
Hand over hand til you meet your maid, when you meet, you swing your date
Swing your lady round and round and promenade you go round the town
*Promenade go round the floor, she's the gal whom you adore
Take her home to Baltimore, in Maryland


*Promenade, go down the street, she's the one you you will seek
On the shores of the Chesapeake, in Maryland

*Promenade this southern belle where the crabs and oysters dwell
Swing her just like anything in Maryland

*Promenade to the baseball game, we've got a team with lots of fame
Orioles, that's the name, in Maryland

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Heads lead right and circle four, head men break to a line of four
Go forward 8 and come on back, then touch 1/4 there
Do a triple scoot and go man, go, boys run right and don't you know
Go right & left thru and turn the girl and then square thru
Count 5 hands, count to five, five hands round you go
Swing the corner comin' your way, promenade her home, I say
*Promenade you're doing find, take her right up to the sign
At the Mason-Dixon Line, in Maryland

(The Triple Scoot is done from right or left shoulder columns, in the dance above from right-shoulder columns. In the columns there are three pairs of dancers of the same sex facing on the diagonal. These dancers do a right forearm turn and come back (i.e. Scoot Back) to the position that was occupied by the dancer who was adjacent to them when they began the right forearm turn. Meanwhile (i.e. while the dancers are doing their right forearm turn) each adjacent dancer folds into the position vacation by the dancer next to him or her. Dancers would be wise to glance at the position next to them and at the dancer occupying that position before they begin the Triple Scoot, because each dancer, upon completion of the Triple Scoot, will wind up in the adjacent position and will be facing the way the dancer was facing who had previously occupied that position.)



ID: 12086
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