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14 records

Continental  Coyote  ESP  Riverboat  Royal Canadian  Silver Sounds 

Continental          Label information     Grid list of Continental recordings    
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Continental 2002   Qty=2

Coyote     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Coyote recordings    
When I'm Gone Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Coyote 201   Qty=2

ESP     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of ESP recordings    
Bill Bailey Singing Call -- Bob Elling, Ken Bower
ESP 1122   Qty=1
Dock Of The Bay Singing Call -- Bob Elling, Elmer Sheffield, Jr.
ESP 1143   Qty=1

Riverboat     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Riverboat recordings    
Für Elise Patter -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 242   Qty=1
Patter -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 506   Qty=1
I Am The Dreamer Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 124   Qty=2
Lion Sleeps Tonight Singing Call -- Bob Elling, Jack O'Leary, Mike Seastrom
Riverboat 426   Qty=1
Old Joe Clark
Patter -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 510   Qty=1
Pink Cadillac
  comments   lyrics
Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 431   Qty=0
*** on wish list *** 
Sloop John B Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 200   Qty=3
The Med Fly Song Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Riverboat 128   Qty=2

Royal Canadian          Label information     Grid list of Royal Canadian recordings    
New Island In The Sun Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Royal Canadian 904   Qty=1

Silver Sounds     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Silver Sounds recordings    
Chili Gum Singing Call -- Bob Elling
Silver Sounds 275   Qty=0
*** on wish list ***
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