Two Couple Primer (for Callers)  by Vic Ceder


When to use Two Couple Programming

Setting up Two Couple Sets
two couple set

Two Couple Choreography

Sight Calling to Two Couple Sets

Calling Hints

Keeping Interest with only Two Couples
Techniques to entertain dancers with two couple choreography:

Asymmetrics with Two Couples

Asymmetric choreography occurs when one half of the square is different than the other half.

Asymmetrics with Two Couples give more variety, and is easy to do.

Sample Two couple Sequences

How to Resolve

  1. Calling to two couples makes it easier to workshop calls. The caller can concentrate on half-sashayed or L-H setups or work calls from unusual positions.

    For example, the call Peel Off is frequently called only from a Completed Double Pass Thru formation. With two couples, you can workshop it from Tandem Couples and Mini-Wave Boxes without having 4 additional dancers in the square to distract from focusing on the call.
  2. Dancers can concentrate better when there are only two couples in the square. For example, from a normal four couple square, if you call Heads Pass The Ocean; Swing Thru; Extend; Swing Thru; then call a Follow Your Neighbor or Scoot Back, you'll often get a poor success rate. This is because dancers were focused on their Wave (as they just did a Swing Thru), and not focused on their Box (which is required for a Follow Your Neighbor or Scoot Back). With two couple sets, this abrupt change of focus does not occur.
  3. Callers can practice sight-calling. Two couple calling is much easier to resolve. You only need to remember one couple instead of two. Just keep calling until you recognize that you've got Couple #1 in their home position, then say "You're Home"!

  1. Might be a bit boring (yawn) if done too often, or done improperly.
  2. Problematic for singing calls, but I suppose it's do-able.
    I've never tried a two couple singing call.
  3. Pitfall: Flow

Alternatives to Two Couple Programming


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