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Wheel Fan Thru [C1]
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Wheel Fan Thru -- [C1]
   (author unknown)

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From Facing Couples. EN: 10

Wheel Fan Thru:
Beaus Extend (to join R-H with each other), Arm Turn 3/4 and Extend as Belles 1/4 Right. EN: 20

Left Wheel Fan Thru:
Belles Extend (to join L-H), Arm Turn 3/4 and Extend as Beaus 1/4 Left. EN: 30

Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 40

Wheel Fan Thru
  half-way  after

Alternative definition: Beaus Box Transfer as Belles 1/4 Out. EN: 50


  • The Beaus' movement is somewhat tight, so get in close for the Arm Turn 3/4. EN: 60
  • Everyone's turning direction is toward the Right. EN: 70
  • Wheel Fan Thru is the same as Wheel Thru [A1] except that those moving through the Center do an Arm Turn 3/4. EN: 80

Wheel Thru [A1] (Paul Moore 1962):
From Facing Couples. Belles 1/4 Right as the Beaus, as one movement and without using hands, Extend, Arm Turn 1/4, and Extend. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 37

Wheel Fan & Cross Thru [C4]:
From Facing Couples. Wheel Fan Thru; Half Sashay (with the dancer who does the 1/4 Out sidestepping in front of the dancer who does the Arm Turn 3/4). Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 39

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