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Trade The Wave [Plus]
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Trade The Wave -- [Plus]
   (Harry Ed Dunkle 1967)

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From a Wave.

As one movement, Step Thru, Trade, and Step to an opposite-handed Wave.

Ends in an opposite-handed Wave.

From a L-H Wave:

Trade The Wave
  half-way  after

From a R-H Wave:

Trade The Wave
  half-way  after


  • Everyone can Roll after a Trade The Wave.
  • Trade The Wave is often preceded with the phrase "take a peek (and)". In this case, dancers stay put and bend forward to take a quick glance at the other dancer in their wave facing the same direction; then they do the call.
  • Alternatively, you can "point" at the dancer with whom you are to trade.
  • A right-hand wave becomes a left-hand wave, and vice-versa.
  • Be sure to pass Right-shoulders when doing the Trade.
  • Trade The Wave is equivalent to "Those Facing the same direction Trade with each other" (i.e., a Once Removed Trade). In fact, I originally defined the call this way. However, I realized that the "Step Thru, Trade, and Step to an opposite-handed Wave" definition was better for two reasons:
    1. The half-way formation is a Wave, and not Offset Mini-Waves.
    2. The starting formation is restricted to a Wave.

Partner Trade [Basic]: From a Mini-Wave or Couple. Walk forward, while turning 180°, to exchange places with the adjacent dancer. When starting from a Couple, pass right-shoulders as you go. A Mini-Wave ends in a Mini-Wave, a Couple ends in a Couple.

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