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Strip (The Diamond | Hourglass) [C3A]
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Strip (The Diamond | Hourglass) -- [C3A]
   (Stephen Grover 1979)

$B8@8l(B or              All   
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From Twin Diamonds or an Hourglass. EN: 10
Twin Diamonds $B$^$?$O(B Hourglass $B$+$i!%(B JP: 10

Outsides 1/2 Zoom and Trade as the Very Centers Cast Off 3/4 as the Other Centers Counter Rotate 1/4 (on the outside) to become the Very Outsides. EN: 20
Outside four ($B30B&$N(B 4 $B?M(B) $B$O(B 1/2 Zoom $B$r$7$F(B Trade $B$r$7(B, Very Centers $B$O(B Cast Off 3/4 $B$r$7(B, $BB>$N(B Center (centers $B$G30B&$K$$$k?M(B) $B$O(B Counter Rotate 1/4 $B$r$7$F(B Very Outside dancer $B$H$J$j$^$9!%(B JP: 20

Strip The Diamond ends in a Tidal Line, Strip The Hourglass ends in a 3 By 1 Diamond. EN: 30
Strip The Diamond $B$O(B Tidal Line $B$G=*$o$j(B, Strip The Hourglass $B$O(B 3 By 1 Diamond $B$G=*$o$j$^$9!%(B JP: 30

Strip The Diamond

Strip The Hourglass

Occasionally, callers have just the Outsides do a StripEN: 40
$B;~!9(B, $B%3!<%i!<$O(B Outsides $B$@$1$K(B Strip $B$r$5$;$k$3$H$,$"$j$^$9!%(B JP: 40

Outsides Strip

Note: Strip (The Diamond | Hourglass) is a EN: 50
$BCmStrip (The Diamond | Hourglass) $B$O(B Reverse Checkpoint Fan The Top By 1/2 Zoom & Trade $B$G$9!%(B JP: 50
Reverse Checkpoint Fan The Top By 1/2 Zoom & Trade.

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