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Split Phantom Boxes Concept [C3B]
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Split Phantom Boxes Concept -- [C3B]
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From a 2 x 8 Matrix.

Split the 2 x 8 Matrix into two 2 x 4 Matrices. Work in the 2 x 4 on each side.

Work with these positions for
Split Phantom Boxes

Split Phantom Boxes In Roll Circulate:

Split Phantom Boxes In Roll Circulate

Split Phantom Boxes Walk Out To A Wave:

Split Phantom Boxes Walk Out To A Wave


  • Split Phantom Boxes are similar to Split Phantom Columns| Lines | Waves [C3A] except that the adjacent 2 x 4 formations are end-to-end instead of center-to-center.
  • As in Split Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves you must stay on your own half of the set when doing a call in your Split Phantom Boxes.
  • Imagine there is a brick wall dividing the two halves of the set. This may help prevent you from crossing over into the other half of the set.
  • Historically, Split Phantom Boxes have also been known as Split Phantom Twin Boxes and Divided Phantom Columns | Lines | Waves.

Split Phantom formations CONCEPT [C4]: From a Phantom Formation consisting of 16 spots. Divide the 16-spot formation into four sub-formations of 4 spots each. Do this by drawing an imaginary circle around each sub-formation. The circles should not intersect, and the orientation of the 4 circles should be in a straight line, such as ABCD where A, B, C, and D each represent a group of four spots.

  • For Split Phantom formations, two adjacent groups (i.e., AB and CD) work together in an 8-spot formation.
  • For Interlocked Phantom formations, once-removed groups (i.e, AC and BD) work together in an 8-spot formation.
  • For Phantom formations, concentric groups (i.e., AD and BC) work together in an 8-spot formation.

Split Phantom Boxes [C3B]

Interlocked Phantom Boxes [C4]

Phantom Boxes [C4]

Split Phantom Diamonds [C3B]

Interlocked Phantom Diamonds [C4]

Phantom Diamonds [C4]

Choreography for Split Phantom Boxes Concept

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