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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Single Wheel [A2]
   (Gordon Blaum 1961)

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From a Mini-Wave or Couple.

Each dancer works as if they were a Couple: all Wheel & Deal.

A Mini-Wave ends in Facing Dancers; a Couple ends in Tandem Dancers.

Alternate definition: As one movement, Hinge & Roll.

起始于 R-H Mini-Wave:

Single Wheel
起始于 L-H Mini-Wave:

Single Wheel
起始于 Couple:

Single Wheel

  • Single Wheel is a two-dancer call. To find the other dancer with whom you are working, break up the overall formation into appropriate adjacent groups of two.
  • There are two ways to think about Single Wheel:

    1. Conceptualization -- "Single" means that each dancer works as if they were a couple and everybody does the call. Single Wheel (& Deal) means do the Single version of Wheel & Deal. If you think of Single Wheel in this manner, you can more easily grasp other 'Single' extensions. For example, from a R-H Mini-Wave Box, consider a Single Ferris Wheel.
    2. Memorization -- Just memorize that Single Wheel is a Hinge & Roll, and be done with it. Whenever Single Wheel is called, just do a Hinge & Roll. Easy, right? Single Wheel's just another call to memorize. Why bother with all that conceptual stuff?
  • To start a Single Wheel, give a slight tug on the handhold that you have with the adjacent dancer. This gets both of you moving toward the correct direction.
  • From a Couple, Single Wheel is similar to Partner Trade except that instead of ending as a Couple, you end as Tandem Dancers (with the original Belle in front).

Single Wheel 3 Times:

Single Wheel 3 Times:

Single Wheel 3 Times

Teamwork is required to successfully dance Single Wheel 3 Times.
  1. Do the first instance of the call;
  2. Verify that the resulting formation is 'reasonable' (properly aligned, symmetric, and dancers appear to be in the correct position);
  3. Re-evaluate your position within the new formation (determine who you will work with next);
  4. Do the second instance of the call;
  5. Verify that the resulting formation is 'reasonable';
  6. Re-evaluate your position;
  7. Do the third (and final) instance of the call.

For those of you who may be aspiring C4 dancers, contemplate what would happen from a 1x8 Line on the call "As Couples As Couples Single Wheel".

Hinge [Mainstream,A1]: 1/2 of a Trade.

  • From a Mini-Wave, a Hinge (also known as Single Hinge) is an Arm Turn 1/4.
  • From a Couple, a Hinge (also known as Partner Hinge) is 1/2 of a Partner Trade. That is, as one movement turn 1/4 to face and Step to a R-H Mini-Wave.

Single Ferris Wheel [C3A] (Walt Wentworth 1974): From a Mini-Wave Box. Leaders do your part Single Wheel, as Trailers Extend & Single Wheel. Ends in a Zero-Tag (Single Starting Double Pass Thru Formation). Equivalent to Follow Thru & Roll.

Single Ferris Wheel:

Single Ferris Wheel

Single Turn & Deal [C4]: From a Couple or a Mini-Wave. As one movement, 1/4 In, Touch, and turn 1/4 toward your initial turning direction. A Couple ends in Tandem dancers; a R-H Mini-Wave ends in Facing dancers; a L-H Mini-Wave ends in Back-to-Back dancers. From a Couple or R-H Mini-Wave, Single Turn & Deal is the same as Single Wheel [A2]; from a L-H Mini-Wave, Single Turn & Deal ends in Back-to-Back Dancers whereas Single Wheel ends in Facing Dancers.

Single Turn & Deal:

Single Turn & Deal

参见 Single CONCEPT [C3A,C3B,C4].

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