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Interlocked Triangle Formation [C2]
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Interlocked Triangle Formation -- [C2]
   (Lee Kopman)

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Interlocked Triangles consist of two adjacent Triangles, whose Centermost dancers are working with the furthest Outside dancers in a Triangle. EN: 10

Examples of (symmetric) Interlocked Triangles: EN: 20


dancers work together in one Triangle as the EN: 30
dancers work together in another Triangle. EN: 40

In general, Interlocked formation means that (viewing the formation along its long axis) one plane of dancers from each of two formations is interspersed with the other formation. EN: 50

From a Galaxy in which the Centers are non-T-Bone, there are both Interlocked Wave-Based Triangles and Interlocked Tandem-Based Triangles. EN: 60

Interlocked Wave-Based Triangles Interlocked Tandem-Based Triangles

From Twin Diamonds there are four sets of Interlocked Triangles: EN: 70

  1. Inside Interlocked Triangles
    (a.k.a. Interlocked Diamond Inside Triangles): EN: 80

    ,, and ,,
  2. Outside Interlocked Triangles
    (a.k.a. Interlocked Diamond Outside Triangles): EN: 90

    ,, and ,,
  3. Inpoint Interlocked Triangles
    (a.k.a. Interlocked Diamond Inpoint Triangles): EN: 100

    ,, and ,,
  4. Outpoint Interlocked Triangles
    (a.k.a. Interlocked Diamond Outpoint Triangles): EN: 110

    ,, and ,,

See also Interlocked 3 By 1 Triangles [C2].

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