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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Generous / Stingy CONCEPT [C3B]
   (Ben Rubright)

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Do the {anything} call, but subtract a 1/4 turn from the first Arm Turn of the call. EN: 10
做 {任何口令} , 但做第一个 Arm Turn 时减少一个 1/4. CH: 10

Do the {anything} call, but add a 1/4 turn to the first Arm Turn of the call. EN: 20
做 {任何口令} , 但做第一个 Arm Turn 时增加一个 1/4. CH: 20

For the purposes of Stingy and Generous, an Arm Turn is limited to the following movements as defined in the {anything} call: EN: 30
针对于 Stingy 和 Generous, Arm Turn 指的是{任何口令} 定义中的下列动作: CH: 30
  • Arm Turn.
  • Hinge from a Mini-Wave. EN: 40
    在 Mini-Wave 时做 Hinge. CH: 40
  • Trade from a Mini-Wave. EN: 50
    在 Mini-Wave 时做 Trade. CH: 50
  • Cast Off from a Mini-Wave. EN: 60
    在 Mini-Wave 时做 Cast Off. CH: 60
  • Star turn, when opposite dancers are in a Mini-Wave. EN: 65
    Star turn, 此时搭星的舞者分别形成两个 Mini-Wave. CH: 65

  • The {anything} call does not have to start with an Arm Turn; E.g., on a Generous Square Chain Thru (from Facing Lines): do a Right Pull By and 1/4 In; Left Arm Turn 3/4 (instead of 1/2); Centers Right Arm Turn 1/2; Left Arm Turn 1/2; Step Thru. Ends in a Trade By formation. EN: 70
    这个 {任何口令} 不一定是以 Arm Turn 开始的; 例如 Generous Square Chain Thru (起始队形为 Facing Lines): Right Pull By 并且 1/4 In; Left Arm Turn 3/4 (而不是1/2); Centers 做 Right Arm Turn 1/2; Left Arm Turn 1/2; Step Thru. 结束队形为 Trade By. CH: 70
  • Stingy and Generous apply to the first Arm Turn in the call, which is not necessarily the first arm turn that a dancer executes. Some dancers may never execute an Arm Turn; others may execute an Arm Turn after other dancers previously executed a different Arm Turn. After the first Arm Turn is completed, any subsequent Arm Turns are not affected by Stingy or Generous. EN: 80
    Stingy 和 Generous 是应用于口令中的第一个 Arm Turn, 并不一定是每位舞者执行的第一个 arm turn. 有的舞者可能根本没有做 Arm Turn; 也有的舞者可能在其他舞者做了 Arm Turn 之后才做又一个不同的 Arm Turn. 在第一个 Arm Turn 完成之后, 任何后续的 Arm Turn 都不受 Stingy 或 Generous 影响. CH: 80
  • Stingy and Generous do not apply to a Hinge, Trade, or Cast Off from a Couple. For example, EN: 90
    Stingy 和 Generous 不用于起始于 Couple 的Hinge, Trade, 或 Cast Off. 例如, CH: 90

    The C3A call Hinge The Lock is a Hinge followed by a Lockit. A Generous Hinge The Lock can be done from (at least) two formations: a Wave or Tandem Couples. EN: 92
    C3A 的口令 Hinge The Lock 是一个 Hinge 后接一个 Lockit. Generous Hinge The Lock 可以起始于(至少)两个队形: Wave 或 Tandem Couples. CH: 92

    1. From a Wave, a Hinge is an Arm Turn 1/4. Hence from a Wave, a Generous Hinge The Lock is an Arm Turn 1/2 followed by a Lockit. EN: 94
      起始于 Wave 时, Hinge 是一个 Arm Turn 1/4. 因此起始于 Wave 时, Generous Hinge The Lock 是 Arm Turn 1/2 后接 Lockit. CH: 94
    2. From Tandem Couples, a Hinge is a Partner Hinge (from a Couple), and Generous does not apply. However, the Centers part of Lockit is an Arm Turn 1/4. Hence, from Tandem Couples, a Generous Lock The Hinge is a Partner Hinge followed by a Centers Arm Turn 1/2 as the Ends move up 1/4, to end in a Facing Diamond. EN: 96
      起始于 Tandem Couples 时, Hinge 是一个 Partner Hinge (起始于 Couple), Generous 不适用. 然而, Centers 所做的 Lockit 是一个 Arm Turn 1/4. 因此, 起始于 Tandem Couples 时, Generous Lock The Hinge 是 Partner Hinge 后接 Centers Arm Turn 1/2 以及 Ends 补位 1/4, 结束队形为 Facing Diamond. CH: 96
  • If the first Arm Turn of the call might be ambiguous, the caller should use extra words to disambiguate the call: i.e., Points work Stingy: all Strip the Diamond. The caller may use concepts such as Secondly, Thirdly, etc. to explicitly state to which part of the call Stingy or Generous applies. EN: 100
    如果口令中的第一个 Arm Turn 可能不够明确, 口令员应该使用辅助的词语来使其变得明确: 例如, Points work Stingy: all Strip the Diamond. (即: 所有人做 Strip the Diamond, 但 Points 应用 Stingy). 口令员可以使用 Secondly, Thirdly, 等这类概念,来明示 Stingy 或 Generous 是应用于口令的哪一个部分. CH: 100
  • Stingy and Generous allows calls to be done from unexpected formations. For example, from Twin Diamonds: a Generous Sets In Motion. EN: 110
    Stingy 和 Generous 可以使口令起始于不同于平常的队形. 例如, 起始于 Twin Diamonds: Generous Sets In Motion. CH: 110

Generous Dixie Style To A Wave:


 Centers Right Pull By
 Left Touch 1/2
Stingy Spin The Top:


 Arm Turn 1/4
 Fan The Top
Finally Stingy Spin The Top:


 Arm Turn 1/2
 Stingy Fan The Top

What's not allowed EN: 130
不适用的情况 CH: 130

  • Generous Counter Rotate
    (from a Tidal Wave): Although the center two are turning 1/4 with each other, the call is not defined in terms of an Arm Turn or Hinge. EN: 200
    (起始于 Tidal Wave): 尽管两位 Very Centers 是相互旋转了 1/4, 但口令的定义并不是一个 Arm Turn 或 Hinge. CH: 200
  • Generous Swap The Wave
    (from a L-H Wave): Although one might argue that the Centers part of the call is a Turn Thru (and hence an Arm Turn), the use of Stingy and Generous should be avoided, because the call is a variation of Swap Around (a no-hands call). We believe that Swap The Wave from either a R-H or a L-H Wave has the tagging dancers doing the same action. The Turn Thru used by dancers is just a convenience. EN: 210
    (起始于左手 Wave): 虽然有人会说 Centers 所做的动作是一个 Turn Thru (因此也就是一个 Arm Turn), 但 Stingy 和 Generous 的使用是应该避免的, 因为这个口令是 Swap Around 的一个变化形式(是不接手的口令). 我们认为 Swap The Wave 不论起始于右手还是左手的 Wave, 向右转身并做 Wheel Thru 的舞者的动作都是一样的. 舞者所做的 Turn Thru 只是一个为了方便的动作. CH: 210
  • Generous Pass The Ocean
    (from Facing Couples:) Even though the Belles' part strongly feels like a Left Arm Turn 1/4, and is frequently danced that way, the definition of Pass The Ocean does not contain an Arm Turn. EN: 220
    (起始于 Facing Couples:) 虽然 Belles 的动作感觉上很像一个 Left Arm Turn 1/4, 人们也常常是按这样做的,但 Pass The Ocean 的定义并没有 Arm Turn 的动作. CH: 220
  • As for combining Generous and Stingy (e.g., Generous Stingy 1/4 Thru)... There are two cases to consider. For example, a Generous Stingy 1/4 Thru: EN: 230
    至于结合起来的 Generous 和 Stingy (例如, Generous Stingy 1/4 Thru)..., 有两种理解. 例如, Generous Stingy 1/4 Thru: CH: 230

    Case 1. EN: 240
    理解 1. CH: 240
    Generous and Stingy cancel each other out. A 1/4 is subtracted from the first Hinge (to make it Stingy), then added back (to make it Generous). A Stingy Arm Turn 1/4 is still an Arm Turn, even though the fraction is 0/4. EN: 250
    Generous 和 Stingy 相互抵消了. 从第一个 Hinge 里减去 1/4 (Stingy), 再增加回来 (Generous). Stingy Arm Turn 1/4 仍然是 Arm Turn, 尽管旋转的角度是 0/4. CH: 250

    Case 2. EN: 260
    理解 2. CH: 260
    A Stingy 1/4 Thru is a Left Arm Turn 3/4 (you leave off the first Arm Turn, then apply Generous to the Left Arm Turn 1/2 giving a Left Arm Turn 3/4). EN: 270
    一个 Generous Stingy 1/4 Thru 是一个 Left Arm Turn 3/4 (第一个 Arm Turn 不做, 然后将 Generous 应用于 Left Arm Turn 1/2, 变为一个 Left Arm Turn 3/4). CH: 270

    Case 2 was tried several years ago, and was not well received by the dancers. Hence, the current consensus is Case 1: Stingy and Generous both apply to the first part, and they cancel each other out. Moral of the story: don't combine Stingy and Generous. EN: 280
    理解 2 在一些年前尝试使用过,并不易被舞者接受. 因此目前的一致看法是理解 1: Stingy 和 Generous 都是应用于第一个部分, 并且彼此抵消. 结论是: 不要结合使用 Stingy 和 Generous. CH: 280

Yo-Yo Concept [C4]:
Replace the first Arm Turn 1/2 of the given call with an Arm Turn 3/4. EN: 673
以 Arm Turn 3/4 替换指定口令中的第一个 Arm Turn 1/2. CH: 673

Fractal CONCEPT [C4] (Vic Ceder 1998):
Replace each Arm Turn 1/4 with an Arm Turn 3/4 and vice-versa. EN: 642
以 Arm Turn 3/4 替换指定口令中的每一个 Arm Turn 1/4, 并且以 Arm Turn 1/4 替换指定口令中的每一个 Arm Turn 3/4. CH: 642

Choreography for Generous / Stingy CONCEPT

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