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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Fractal CONCEPT [C4]
   (Vic Ceder 1998)

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Within the given call, replace each 1/4 turn with a 3/4 turn and vice-versa.

Swapping 1/4 turns with 3/4 turns only occurs for portions of the call in which dancers doing the 1/4 or 3/4 turn are holding hands throughout that portion of the call.

Hence, only the following movements are modified:

  • Arm Turns
  • Cast Offs
  • Stars (including Facing Stars)
  • Single Hinges (From a Mini-Wave only. Partner Hinges (from a Couple) do not apply since dancers temporarily release handholds.)

Examples (italics show the differences from the normal version of the call):

  • Fractal Spin The Top: From a Wave or Facing Couples. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Arm Turn 1/4 as Ends move up (Lockit).
  • Fractal Transfer The Column: From Mini-Wave Columns. First Two Transfer as Second Two Step Forward To A Box and Arm Turn 1/4; all Extend.
  • Fractal Linear Cycle: From a Wave. Arm Turn 3/4; Leaders Fold; Any Shoulder Double Pass Thru; Any Shoulder Peel Off.
  • Fractal Snap The Lock: From Parallel Lines. Partner Tag; Outsides Partner Tag as Centers Step To A Wave, Fan The Top, and Step Thru.

Examples of calls with both 1/4 turns and 3/4 turns:

  • Fractal Swing The Fractions: Right Arm Turn 3/4; Left Arm Turn 1/2; Right Arm Turn 1/4; Left Arm Turn 1/2; Right Arm Turn 3/4.
  • Fractal Locker's Choice: From Parallel Waves. Fan The Top; Centers Fan The Top and Cast Off 3/4 as Outsides Trade and Step & Fold.
  • Fractal Relay The Top: From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Arm Turn 1/4 as Ends 1/2 Circulate; Center Star Turn 3/4 as Outsides Trade; Those who meet Arm Turn 1/4 as Others move up.
  • Fractal Cast A Shadow: From Parallel Waves or Two-Faced Lines. Ends 1/2 Zoom, Arm Turn 1/4 and Spread as Out-Facing Centers Cloverleaf as In-Facing Centers Extend, Cast Off 3/4 and Extend.

  • The timing of calls may be different when dancing Fractal, especially when a Cast Off 3/4 is replaced with a Cast Off 1/4. For example, on a Fractal Follow Your Leader, Trailers Extend, Arm Turn 1/4 and wait a couple of beats for the Others to Tandem Cross Fold.
  • The Outsides' part of Linear Action, starts with a Hinge and Trade. Hence (assuming the Outsides start in a Mini-Wave), a Fractal Linear Action would have the Outsides starting with an Arm Turn 3/4 followed by a Trade.
  • The original definition of Fractal included Box Counter Rotates as one of the modified turns. I no longer believe this should be allowed.
  • The following are examples of portions of calls not applicable to Fractal (I briefly considered 'legalizing' these movements within the definition, but ultimately decided against it):

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