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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Explode And {anything} [Plus,A1]
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The call Explode And anything is on two levels, Plus and A1.

  • At Plus, the starting formation is restricted to a Wave (or occasionally an Inverted Line).
  • At A1, the starting formation can be any Line of 4.

Explode [Plus]. From a Wave. As one movement, Step Thru & 1/4 In (face the dancer beside you). Ends in Facing Couples.

Explode [A1]. From a Generalized Line. As one movement, Centers Step Ahead & 1/4 In as Ends 1/4 In & Step Ahead, and all adjust as necessary to end in Facing Couples.

Explode and anything [Plus,A1]. From a Wave. Explode; then do the anything call.

R-H Wave から:

L-H Wave から:


Explode And Touch 1/4:

Explode And Touch 1/4
 Touch 1/4

  • Standard position (easiest to dance) is either a R-H Wave with the Boys on the Ends and Girls in Center; or a L-H Wave with the Girls on the Ends and the Boys in the Center. In both cases, Boys have their right-shoulder toward the center and the Girls have their left-shoulder toward the center.
  • Don't automatically do a Right Pull By. In many places, Explode The Wave is called more frequently called than Explode. Dancers get into the habit of doing the Pull By. Only do the Pull By if you hear the words "The Wave", or if the next call starts with a Pull By (e.g., Explode And Right & Left Thru).
  • Everyone can Roll after an Explode.
  • The anything call can be any appropriate call. Typical calls include Right & Left Thru, Touch 1/4, and Square Thru.

Explode The Wave [Plus] (Jack Lasry 1965): From a Wave (or Inverted Line). Step Thru & turn 1/4 toward the center of the Line; Right Pull By. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples.

1/4 In [A1] (Jim FaulkenberryClarence Watson 1959): From a Couple or Mini-Wave. Turn 90° in place toward the adjacent dancer. Ends in Facing Dancers.

Explode The Line [A1] (Bill Shymkus 1964): As one movement, Centers Step Ahead & 1/4 In as Ends 1/4 In & Step Ahead and all adjust as necessary to end in Facing Couples; Right Pull By. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples.

Explode The Diamond [C3B] (Dave Hodson 1974): From Twin Diamonds, a 3/4 Tag, or other applicable formations. Centers Explode The Wave as Ends Circulate and the Lead End U-Turn Back. Twin Diamonds end in Parallel Inverted Lines.

Explode The Top [C3A] (Holman Hudspeth 1969): From Parallel Lines. Explode; End Beau Circulate 1 & 1/2 as End Belle Circulate, Veer inward, and U-Turn Back as Centers Touch 1/2 and the Very Centers Cast Off 3/4 while the other Center Step Ahead to form a R-H Star (Hint: the Center who Stepped Ahead should raise their Left hand to indicate that they are leading the Unwrap The Star); turn the Star 1/4 and the leader of the Unwrap walks forward as everyone else follows to Unwrap The Star, and everyone Face In to end in Facing Lines.

CALLERLAB definition for Explode and (Anything)

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