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Cross Lockit [C3B]
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Cross Lockit -- [C3B]
   (Lee Kopman)

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起始队形为 Wave 或 Two-Faced Line.

做为一个单一的动作, Lockit 并且 Spread.

结束队形为 Wave 或 Two-Faced Line.

起始于 Wave:

Cross Lockit

起始于 Two-Faced Line:

Cross Lockit

提示: Centers 做 Arm Turn 1/4 并且 Spread, Ends 向内侧滑并且做 Arm Turn 1/4. Ends 应该稍作停顿再移动, 以等待 Centers 腾出其位置.

Cross Lockit 不是一个 2 部分口令, 不应分解成这样的部分. 这个口令是跳成一个单一平滑的动作. 每位舞者在口令完成时都可以 Roll.

Cross Lock The Hinge [C3B]: Cross Lockit; Hinge.

Hinge The Cross Lock [C3B]: Hinge; Cross Lockit.

anything The Cross Lock [C3B]: 做 任何口令; Cross Lockit.

Choreography for Cross Lockit

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