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Courtesy Turn [Basic]
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Courtesy Turn -- [Basic]
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From a Couple. EN: 10

Left-hands joined in front, the left-side dancer (the Beau) places his/her right-hand behind the other dancer's back. The right-side dancer (the Belle) places her/his right-hand in the small of his/her back to join the other dancer's right-hand. As a couple turn to the left 1/2 way (Beau 'pushing' the Belle) to face in. EN: 20

Technically, Courtesy Turn and most other square dance calls are gender-neutral (i.e., not sex-dependent). As such, calls that start from couple formations will often be described in terms of Beaus and BellesEN: 30
From a couple... EN: 40
the Beau is the left-side dancer (the Boy's normal position); EN: 50
the Belle is the right-side dancer (the Girl's normal position). EN: 60

In practice, Courtesy Turn is almost always called from positions where the Boy turns the Girl. EN: 70

Courtesy Turn

Courtesy Turn
 half way done

Courtesy Turn can also be called from positions other than a Couple. For example, the Girls could be turning a right-hand star, and the caller could say Boys (reach in and) Courtesy Turn Your Original Corner. In this case, the turn itself is more than 180°. Turn whatever amount is necessary to end facing toward the center of the set. EN: 80

Boys Courtesy Turn The Girls

Courtesy Turn is used as part of many other calls, including: EN: 90
  • Two Ladies Chain
  • Four Ladies Chain
  • Right & Left Thru
  • Chain Down The Line
  • Brace Thru
  • and more...LINK EM, OF COURSE!

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