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Chisel Thru [C2]
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Chisel Thru -- [C2]
   (Holman Hudspeth 1970)

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From Facing Lines (or a R-H Tidal Wave).

  1. Concentric Pass In;
  2. Ends Pass In as Centers Pass Out;
  3. all Pass In.

Ends in Facing Lines.

Chisel Thru is a 3-part call.

Alternative definition: Concentric Pass In; Split Pass In; Pass In.

Chisel Thru
Concentric Pass In
(1/3 Chisel Thru)
Split Pass In
(2/3 Chisel Thru)
Pass In


  • Centers think In-Out-In: Pass In; Pass Out; Pass In.
  • Ends think In-In-In: Concentric Pass In; Pass In; Pass In.


  • From Facing Lines, you start & end with the same partner.
  • Callers often Replace the final Pass In with another call.

Split Pass In [NOL]: From Facing Couples or other applicable formations. Pass Thru; 1/4 In (i.e., working in your 4-dancer setup do a Pass In).

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