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Change Your Image [C3B]
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Change Your Image -- [C3B]
   (Dave Hodson and Lee Kopman 1979)

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From a 2 x 4. EN: 10

Centers Phantom Columns Circulate twice as the Ends Split Circulate twice. EN: 20

Parallel Lines or Columns end in Columns; T-Bones end in various formations. EN: 30

Change Your Image is a 2-part call and can be fractionalized into quarters. EN: 40

Change Your Image


  • To avoid traffic problems, the Ends should sometimes wait before moving until the Centers have cleared the Center. EN: 50
  • Be careful if the caller says Change Your Image 1 & 1/2 or twice. Re-evaluate Ends and Centers after the first Change Your Image. EN: 60
  • From Parallel Lines, Change Your Image is a shape-changer (i.e., The call ends in Columns rotated 90° from the starting spots); From Columns, Change Your Image is not a shape-changer. EN: 70

Magic Change Your Image [C3BV]:
From a 2 x 4 with the Ends in Generalized Columns. Centers Phantom Columns Magic Column Circulate twice as Ends Magic Column Split Circulate twice. EN: 786

Magic Change Your Image

Choreography for Change Your Image

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