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All 8 Recycle [C1]
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All 8 Recycle -- [C1]
   (Lee Kopman 1974)
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From a 1/4 Tag (or Squared Set or Thar). EN: 10

Wave dancers Recycle, taking a wider arc than normal, to end as Couples on the outside as the Outside dancers move into the Center & do a Box Recycle to end in the Center Wave. EN: 20

A 1/4 Tag setup ends in a 1/4 Tag. EN: 30

All 8 Recycle

All 8 Recycle


  • In the second example shown above (i.e., The starting formation has Centers in a L-H Wave, Outsides in a R-H Mini-Wave or Couple), the original Centers must make a wide loop so as not to collide with the original Outsides. EN: 40
  • If the Outsides start in L-H Mini-Waves, then the resulting Center Wave is a L-H Wave. EN: 50
  • From a Thar: everyone does the 'Centers' part. Ends in a squared set. EN: 60
  • From a squared set: everyone does the 'Outsides' part. Ends in a Thar. EN: 70

Variations: Centers go 2/3: All 8 Recycle.

All 8 Cycle & Wheel [C1V]:
From a 1/4 Line or other applicable formations. Center dancers do a Wheel & Deal to end as Couples on the Outside as the Outside dancers move into the Center and do a Box Recycle [C1]. A 1/4 Line setup ends in a 1/4 Tag. All 8 Cycle & Wheel is identical to Cross Concentric Cycle & Wheel [C2]. EN: 493

Recycle [Mainstream] (Lee Kopman 1974):
From a Wave. Centers Fold behind Ends and all adjust to a Mini-Wave Box; Box Counter Rotate 1/4; Roll. Ends in Facing Couples. EN: 440

Recycle [from Facing Couples] [A2] (Lee Kopman 1974):
From Facing Couples. Beaus 1/2 Box Circulate and Right-face U-Turn Back as Belles Left Dodge and Veer Left. Ends in a R-H Wave. EN: 437

See also 2/3 Recycle [C1] and Box Recycle [C1].

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