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Ah So [C1]
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Ah So -- [C1]
   (Lee Kopman 1976)

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From any Line of 4.

Ends Cross Fold while holding onto adjacent dancers.

A Wave ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Wave から:

Ah So

3 & 1 Line から:

Ah So


  • Although Ah So can be called from any Line of 4, it is almost always called from a Wave. In fact, many callers believe Ah So can only be done from a Wave.
  • From a Couple, Ah So is equivalent to Wheel & Deal. From a Mini-Wave, Ah So is equivalent to Single Hinge & Box Counter Rotate 1/4.
  • Ah So is a generalization of Wheel & Deal. If both Ends are initially facing the same direction, the rightmost End moves in front of the leftmost End (as they would in a Cycle & Wheel starting from the same setup).

Inverted Line から:

Ah So

I've also seen Ah So done from the following T-Bone setup, in which case the Ends imagine holding onto the Centers' tummies. I think most callers would agree that this example stretches the definition of the call a little too far.

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Ah So

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