Checker Cheats
Checker Cheats
Square Dance Checkers to assist with writing choreography or learning calls.

I got this set from Ed Foote.
We sell a similar set (see below).
I got this set from someone in Japan.
Homemade set (from a friend)
Another Japanese set.

  • Printable Square Dance Checkers -- Make your own!
  • I have about a dozen sets of Square Dance Checkers. The sets are scattered throughout our house, in my briefcase, in my office at work, and in my car. The set in the car has a magnet glued to the bottom of each checker, and I use a steel board on which to move the checkers.
  • Square Dance Checkers are also known as Dolls or Choreos. -- Copyright © 2020 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.