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Checker Cheats are short cuts used by square dance callers when pushing Square Dance Checkers (also known as Choreos or Dolls) to write square dance sequences.


  • Checker Cheats are primarily used by callers, hence we list the manner in which callers think about a call. That is, a cheat may be worded in terms of higher-level calls or a cheat may just be a description of how to manipulate the checkers to get to the ending formation.
  • Each bulleted item is a cheat. For example, on the call Alter The Wave [C1], there are 3 different cheats listed.

    Alter The Wave [C1]

    • From a Wave: Centers Slither as Ends Stable Trade
    • From a Wave: Single Concentric Half Sashay
    • From a Wave: Swing & Mix

  • As a caller, I find that knowing checker cheats improves my sight calling. I can more easily anticipate ending formations along with correct sex arrangement, and I can extemporaneously formulate getouts.
  • As a challenge dancer, I find that knowing checker cheats allows me to more easily dance complicated phantom calls. I can often determine my ending position and the ending position of others even before the call starts. For example, a call such as Alter & Circulate [C2] may be disorienting to dance phantom, but if you're a center and you know that the Center's part is equivalent to 'Centers Cross Back', then you know where you're supposed to end up.
  • Of course, you should not use cheats to replace either the definition or the dance action of the call.
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