Square Dance Patter Sayings
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Square Dance 'Patter Sayings' are rhymes or jingles said by callers
  • Usually said while dancers are executing a long call such as Promenade Home.
  • Most patter sayings are old-style, old-time sayings, rarely used today.
  • Some may not be suitable for a modern western square dance, and some may even be politically incorrect.
  • One caller refers to them as Lagniappe.

Short Sayings
 139 found
  • A right and left around the ring
    While the roosters crow and the birdies sing.

    ID: 57   edit
  • Ace of Diamonds, Jack of Spades,
    Meet your partner & all promenade.

    ID: 8   edit
  • All join hands and circle to the south,
    Get a little moonshine in your mouth.

    ID: 3   edit
  • All join hands and circle wide,
    spread right out like an old cow hide.

    ID: 40   edit
  • All join hands in a great big ring
    Circle round and round with the dear little thing.

    ID: 110   edit
  • All jump up and never come down,
    Swing your pretty girl round and round.

    ID: 28   edit
  • All the way over, back with pride
    When you're through we'll take a ride

    ID: 143   edit
  • Allemande left with the corner maid,
    Meet your own and promenade.

    ID: 31   edit
  • Allemande left with your left hand,
    Bow to the partner, and there you stand.

    ID: 45   edit
  • Ambulances and big black hearses,
    Swing those doctors, swing those nurses.

    ID: 35   edit
  • Betty can swing, the best ya ever saw,
    I'll take the girl from Arkansas.

    ID: 132   edit
  • Big foot up and little foot down
    Make the big foot jar the ground.

    ID: 55   edit
  • Big foot up, little foot down,
    Grab your own and swing 'em round.

    ID: 37   edit
  • Bow to you partner and the corner miss,
    To the opposite lady just blow a kiss.

    ID: 108   edit
  • Bow to your partner, corner salute
    Circle left, go lickety-scoot.

    ID: 104   edit
  • Call your dogs and grab your gun,
    Let's start dancin' and have some fun.

    ID: 90   edit
  • Cat in the barn, rat in her mouth
    Grab your honey and head her south

    ID: 86   edit
  • Catherine likes Bobby, but Bobby likes Sue.
    I like Stacey, but she likes you.

    ID: 148   edit
  • Chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel,
    Chase the pretty girl around the world

    ID: 122   edit
  • Chase the rabbit, chase the 'coon,
    Chase that big boy around the room

    ID: 123   edit
  • Chew tobacco and spit on the wall
    Take your gal and promenade the hall

    ID: 139   edit
  • Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough
    Big pig rootin' up the little tater now.

    ID: 80   edit
  • Chicken in the bread pan scratching out gravel,
    get your maid & away you travel.

    ID: 11   edit
  • Chicken on a fence and possum on a rail
    Take your honey and away you sail.

    ID: 67   edit
  • Comb your hair & button your shoe,
    promenade home like you always do.

    ID: 20   edit
  • Corn in the crib, wheat in the sack,
    meet your partner & promenade back.

    ID: 9   edit
  • Crack that whip, jerk the line,
    Lets start dancing and have a good time.

    ID: 89   edit
  • Do si do don't you know,
    You can't catch a rabbit till it comes a snow.

    ID: 16   edit
  • Dog in the corner gnawin' on a bone,
    Meet your girl, promenade 'er home.

    ID: 21   edit
  • Down in the barnyard swinging on a gate,
    Swing your honey and don't be late

    ID: 140   edit
  • Ducks in the mill pond, geese in the clover,
    Hide that pretty girl 'cause I'm comin' over.

    ID: 6   edit
  • Ducks in the river going to ford,
    Coffee in the little rag, sugar in the gourd.

    ID: 23   edit
  • Everybody swing and whirl
    Swing 'round and 'round with your pretty little girl.

    ID: 71   edit
  • First you whistle, then you sing
    All join hands and make a ring.

    ID: 34   edit
  • Four ladies chain and don't be slow,
    Turn that girl with the cute elbow.

    ID: 126   edit
  • Four little ladies promenade around,
    Get back home, swing him upside down.

    ID: 127   edit
  • Gertrude is clever and Kathy is witty,
    I want the girl from Kansas City.

    ID: 138   edit
  • Grab that filly and give her a spin
    Twice around with your haunches in.

    ID: 112   edit
  • Hand over hand and heel over heel
    The faster you go, the better you feel.

    ID: 56   edit
  • Hay! Straw is cheaper, grass is free,
    Horses eat it, why don't we?

    ID: 105   edit
  • Here we go on the heel and toe
    Hurry up, cowboys, don't be slow.

    ID: 51   edit
  • Here we go with the ol' red wagon
    Hind wheel broke and the axle draggin'.

    ID: 58   edit
  • Honor your partner, and your corner too,
    Now wave at the gal across from you.

    ID: 47   edit
  • Honor your partner, corners all
    Honor your opposite across the hall
    And that's it - that's all.

    ID: 49   edit
  • Hull those peas and hull them right
    Swing your honey if it takes all night.

    ID: 81   edit
  • Hurry up boys and don't be laggin',
    Paw's coming home with a little red wagon.

    ID: 7   edit
  • Hurry up cowboy, don't be slow,
    You won't go to heaven if you don't do so.

    ID: 62   edit
  • Hurry up girls, don't be slow,
    kiss the caller before you go

    ID: 120   edit
  • Hurry up, Grandpa, can't you see
    You're not as young as you used to be.

    ID: 54   edit
  • I don't know but I believe,
    I'll be home by christmas eve.

    ID: 103   edit
  • I got a gal in Tijuana,
    She knows how but she don't wanna.

    ID: 102   edit
  • I got a wife and she's a daisy
    She won't work and I'm too lazy.

    ID: 94   edit
  • I got a wife who's lean and tall,
    sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall.

    ID: 92   edit
  • I know a gal, lives on a hill,
    She won't dance but her sister will.

    ID: 101   edit
  • I sold my cow & I sold my calf,
    I sold 'em both for a dollar and a half.

    ID: 10   edit
  • Into the center with a whinny and a neigh
    Feed 'em on oats and a bale of hay.

    ID: 114   edit
  • It ain't a goin' to rain,
    It ain't a goin' to snow,
    All join hands and away we go

    ID: 117   edit
  • It's been a while, since way back when,
    I'd swing a girl with a dimple in her chin.

    ID: 130   edit
  • Jenny is sweet, and Sally is a good'n,
    I want the girl with tapioca puddin'.

    ID: 131   edit
  • Ladies to their seats and gents all foller
    Thank the fiddler and kiss the caller

    ID: 125   edit
  • Left allemande and right-hand grand,
    And you promenade to beat the band.

    ID: 38   edit
  • Lift your feet and set them down,
    Swing your honey go round and round.

    ID: 44   edit
  • Mary can stand up, Molly can fiddle,
    I want Judy, cuz she's in the middle.

    ID: 133   edit
  • Meet and swing and don't get cross
    Promenade with the guy who's boss.

    ID: 68   edit
  • Meet that gal and promenade
    Promenade that lady fair
    Promenade go 'round the square.

    ID: 60   edit
  • Meet that gal with her petticoat a floppin'
    Shoe fell off and a hole's in her stockin' - (Promenade)

    ID: 99   edit
  • Meet your gal and promenade - promenade
    Go 'round the ring, 'til the roosters crow
    And the birdies sing.

    ID: 65   edit
  • Meet your honey and promenade eight
    Promenade eight 'til you get straight.

    ID: 59   edit
  • Meet your maid and promenade 'round
    Like a jay bird walking on frozen ground.

    ID: 64   edit
  • Meet your own with a great big smile
    Promenade, go about a mile.

    ID: 29   edit
  • Meet your partner with a great big smile
    Promenade boys, go 'bout a mile.

    ID: 66   edit
  • Meet your Sally, meet your Sue
    Meet the little gal with the run-down shoe.

    ID: 53   edit
  • Mingo, bingo, six-penny high.
    Big piggy, little piggy, root hog or die.

    ID: 61   edit
  • Now hunt that rabbit with a stick and string, stick and string,
    Now promenade around that ring

    ID: 149   edit
  • Oak post crook, elbow hook,
    the more you swing, the better you look.

    ID: 33   edit
  • Old Ida Red she ain't no fool,
    She can put a saddle on a hump back mule

    ID: 111   edit
  • Promenade - you know where
    And I don't care
    Take her out and give her some air.

    ID: 50   edit
  • Promenade and don't be slow,
    Where we're going nobody knows

    ID: 119   edit
  • Promenade and don't relax
    You just got the well-known ax

    ID: 142   edit
  • Promenade eight and promenade all,
    Promenade eight to the hole in the wall.

    ID: 85   edit
  • Promenade go 'round and 'round
    Like a jay bird hoppin' on frozen ground.

    ID: 69   edit
  • Promenade go six by nine,
    get on home, you're doing fine.

    ID: 109   edit
  • Promenade it's off you go,
    seat your pards and let 'em blow.

    ID: 30   edit
  • Promenade on a heel an' toe
    like a bare-footed boy in a frozen snow.

    ID: 4   edit
  • Promenade round that ring so fine
    Till the cows come home
    And the Oxen-dine.

    Hi Tony!
    ID: 93   edit
  • Promenade take that gal
    Take a little walk to the old corral

    ID: 144   edit
  • Promenade this cute little chick,
    Make those heels go clickity click.

    ID: 107   edit
  • Promenade this dear
    Whisper sweet things in her ear

    ID: 145   edit
  • Promenade two and promenade four,
    Keep that calico off the floor.

    ID: 73   edit
  • Promenade, go two by two
    Now you walk 'em home like you used to do.

    ID: 63   edit
  • Promenade, go 'round the hall
    Tote that bucket and muck that stall.

    ID: 113   edit
  • Promenade, you go side by side
    Like a knock-kneed groom and a bow-legged bride.

    ID: 91   edit
  • Promenade, you know where and I don't care
    Take your honey to an easy chair.

    ID: 48   edit
  • Pull off your shoes, roll up your socks
    Swing those girls till you rattle their hocks.

    ID: 83   edit
  • Randy and Andy and Billy and Bob,
    All want Lucy and corn on the cob.

    ID: 134   edit
  • Ridin' through Georgia in a beat up jalopy,
    I met me a gal all slippery and sloppy.

    ID: 136   edit
  • Right and left on the heel and toe
    Hi there Mary, Hello Joe.

    ID: 52   edit
  • Roll the barrel, tap the keg,
    Save the oyster, break the egg

    ID: 121   edit
  • Rope the cow, brand the calf,
    Swing your honey once and a half

    ID: 124   edit
  • Saddle your bronc, cinch 'em tight,
    Promenade boys & do it right.

    ID: 15   edit
  • Same old boy, same old route,
    Good old shoes that won't wear out.

    ID: 24   edit
  • Same old road, same old trail,
    Watch that monkey walk that rail.

    ID: 19   edit
  • She likes whiskey and I like rum
    Now that's where all the trouble begun.

    ID: 95   edit
  • She was sixteen, I told her I'd wait,
    Down by the mill or the garden gate?

    ID: 137   edit
  • She's that gal from _____ _____ City
    Golly gee now ain't she pretty.

    ID: 70   edit
  • Some girls are pretty, and some are not,
    But boy, you're stuck with the one you've got

    ID: 118   edit
  • Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose,
    I want the girl in the high heel shoes.

    ID: 129   edit
  • Stop where you are, and don't be blue,
    The music quit, so I will too.

    ID: 46   edit
  • Swing 'em early, then swing 'em late,
    Swing 'em 'round Mr. Meadow's gate.

    ID: 18   edit
  • Swing 'em high and whirl 'em low
    Keep on swinging your calico.

    ID: 72   edit
  • Swing 'em high, then swing 'em low,
    Turn 'em loose, and watch 'em go.

    ID: 17   edit
  • Swing her Mack, don't break her back.
    ID: 97   edit
  • Swing that lady with a hole in her stockin',
    Knees keep a knockin, petticoat a floppin'

    ID: 115   edit
  • Swing the colonels, then the captains,
    Swing their girls, but don't you drop 'em.

    ID: 36   edit
  • Swing with Mary, swing with Grace,
    Allemande left with old Prune Face

    ID: 116   edit
  • Swing your gals with all your might
    Swing 'em all day and swing 'em all night.

    ID: 75   edit
  • Swing your honey round and round,
    any old way but upside down.

    ID: 39   edit
  • Swing your honey, go 'round and 'round
    Lift her feet right off the ground.

    ID: 74   edit
  • Swing your little sage-hen 'round and 'round,
    'Till the heel of your boot makes a hole in the ground.

    ID: 12   edit
  • Swing your partner round & round,
    put her in the toilet and flush her down.

    This one is obviously politically incorrect.
    ID: 14   edit
  • Swing your partner round and round,
    'til the hole in yer head makes a whistling sound.

    ID: 106   edit
  • Swing your partner 'round and 'round
    With a pocket full of rocks to hold you down.

    ID: 82   edit
  • Swing your partner, don't be late,
    Swing on the corner like swinging on a gate.

    ID: 41   edit
  • The good girls walk, the bad girls ride,
    Come on bad girl, my car's outside.

    ID: 1   edit
  • The little banty rooster told the little banty hen,
    I'll meet you around the corner at about a half past ten.

    ID: 98   edit
  • The whip held high, the reins a bit slack,
    Promenade home on the same old track.

    ID: 13   edit
  • This one's pretty, so is Frank,
    But I'll take my gal to the water tank.

    ID: 27   edit
  • Tie up the dogs and kill the cats
    Now double the dose, that's tough on rats.

    ID: 84   edit
  • Tighten up the belly band, loosen up the traces,
    All join hands we're off to the races.

    ID: 42   edit
  • Tighten up the bellybands and looses up the traces,
    All join hands and get to your places.

    ID: 88   edit
  • Two old maids lying in the sand,
    Each one wishin' the other was a man.

    ID: 2   edit
  • Up the river and around the bend,
    All join hands, we're gone again.

    ID: 43   edit
  • We don't care just how we look,
    'cause we're gonna have our picture took.

    ID: 22   edit
  • Well I took a stick to my old mule,
    He kicked me flat, he ain't no fool.

    ID: 96   edit
  • Wipe off your chin, pull down your vest
    And swing that girl that you love the best.

    ID: 5   edit
  • You take Angela and her sister, Kate,
    I'll be with Babs and we'll be out late.

    ID: 135   edit
  • You take Sally, and I'll take Sue,
    We'll take 'em back like we always do.

    ID: 128   edit
  • You talk to me, and I'll talk to you,
    You swing me and I'll swing you.

    ID: 32   edit
  • Your right foot up and left foot down
    Hurry up there, or you'll never get around.

    ID: 25   edit

Long Sayings
 7 found
  • (after Right & Left Grand) Meet your girl on the other side, she's 6 foot tall, 5 foot wide, Promenade go round the land, big fat girl and little tiny man
    ID: 146   edit
  • Butterflies have wings of gold;
    Moths have wings of flame;
    Bed bugs don't have wings at all
    But they get there just the same.

    ID: 77   edit
  • I went to go pick up my girl,
    She met me at the door,
    Her shoes and stockings in her hand,
    Her face all over the floor.

    ID: 78   edit
  • Mary had a little lamb,
    You've heard this one before...
    And so she passed her dinner plate,
    And had a little more.

    ID: 79   edit
  • Raccoon's tail got a ring around;
    Possum's tail is bare;
    Rabbit ain't got no tail at all,
    Just a little old hunk of hair.

    ID: 100   edit
  • Take a shot of whiskey and flush it with a cold beer.
    Now let's go huntin' we have got to shoot a deer.
    Huntin' from the tree with my mathews bow...
    I'm lookin' for a buck but'll settle for a doe...
    now promenade

    ID: 147   edit
  • Who's that girl with the red dress on
    Some folks call her Dinah
    She just stole my heart away
    Down in Carolina

    ID: 141   edit

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