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Checker Cheats
Checker Cheats
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All Levels
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"Z" Axle [C3B]

(atc)er's Flow [C4]

1/4 The Alter [C4]

1/4 The Deucey [C3A]

3/4 The Alter [C4]

3/4 The Deucey [C3A]

3/4 Thru [A1]

All 8 Swing & Mix []

Alter & Circulate [C2]

Alter & Circulate [C2]

Alter The Diamond [C4]

Alter The Wave [C1]

Bias Circulate [C3A]

Box Transfer [A2]

Breaker 1 [C3A]

Breaker 3 [C3A]

By Golly [C4]

Cast A Shadow [A1]

Catch 2 [C2]

Catch 3 [C2]

Catch 4 [C2]

Chain Reaction [A1]

Chain The Square [C2]

Change The Centers [C3B]

Change The Wave [C3B]

Change The Web [C4]

Chase Right [Plus]

Chase Your Neighbor [C1]

Checkmate (The Column) [A2]

Checkover [C1]

Chisel Thru [C2]

Circle By 1/4 By 1/4 [C1]

Clean Sweep 1/4 [C4]

Cloverflo [C4]

Cloverleaf [Mainstream]

Cloverleaf Turn [C4]

Contour The Line [C4]

Cooperate [C4]

Coordinate [Plus]

Counteract [C4]

Couple Up [C3A]

Criss Cross Follow To A Diamond [C4]

Criss Cross The Deucey [C3B]

Criss Cross The Diamond [C4]

Criss Cross The Shadow [C2]

Criss Cross Your Neighbor [C2]

Cross Chain & Roll [C1]

Cross Chuck-A-Luck [C3B]

Cross Double Your Pleasure [C4]

Cross Fire [Plus]

Cross Flip Back [C3B]

Cross Invert The Column [C2]

Cross Loop & Tag [C3B]

Cross Replace The Column [C4]

Cross Sashay [C4]

Cross Swap The Top [C3B]

Cross The "K" [C2]

Cross Your Neighbor [C1]

Curli-Cross [C4]

Curli-Cross The Top [C4]

Curli-Wheel [C4]

Curlique [C4]

Delight | Dilemma [C3A]

Derby [C4]

Disband [C3B]

Dixie Chain [C4]

Dixie Daisy [C4]

Dixie Derby [C4]

Dixie Diamond [C1]

Dixie Sashay [C1]

Dixie Spin [C4]

Dixie Style To A Wave [Mainstream]

Double Star Thru [A1]

Double Your Pleasure [C4]

Exchange The Boxes [C3A]

Exchange The Diamonds [C2]

Fan & Cross Thru [C4]

Fan The Top [Plus]

Fan Thru [C4]

File To A Line [C2]

Flare The Star [C4]

Flip Back [C1]

Flip Your Neighbor [C2]

Flip Your Neighbor & Spread [C2]

Flutter Wheel [Basic]

Follow & Criss Cross [C4]

Follow To A Diamond [C3A]

Follow Your Neighbor [Plus]

Grand Chain Eight [C2]

Grand Swing Thru [Plus]

Hang A Right [C4]

Hang Loose [C4]

Hot Foot Spin [C4]

Interlocked Counter [C3B]

Interlocked Plenty [C3A]

Interlocked Scoot Back [C3A]

Keep Busy [C3A]

Lead The Class [C4]

Lead The Way [C4]

Left Swing Thru [Basic]

Line To Line [C4]

Linear Cycle [Plus]

Load The Boat [Plus]

Locker's Choice [C3A]

Loop & Tag [C3B]

Mirror Cross Swap The Top [C3B]

Mirror Swap The Top [C3A]

Mix [A1]

Motivate [A2]

Motivate, Star 1/4 [A2]

Motivate, Star 3/4 [A2]

Nip & Tuck [C4]

Pass & Roll [A2]

Pass & Roll [A2]

Pass & Roll Your Neighbor [A2]

Pass & Roll Your Neighbor & Spread [A2]

Pass The Axle [C1]

Peel The Deal [C4]

Peel The Top [Plus]

Push Off [C4]

Recycle [Mainstream]

Relay The Deucey [Plus]

Relay The Diamond [C4]

Relay The Shadow [C1]

Relay The Top [C1]

Relay The Top, Star 1/2 [C1]

Relay The Top, Star 3/4 [C1]

Remake [A2]

Remake The Box [A2]

Remake The Diamond [A2]

Replace The Column [C4]

Reset [C3B]

Retreat The Line [C4]

Reverse Flutter Wheel [Basic]

Reverse The Pass [C3B]

Reverse The Top [C3B]

Rotary Circulate [C4]

Rotary Spin [C1]

Scatter Scoot [C1]

Scoot & Cross Ramble [C2]

Scoot & Dodge [A1]

Scoot & Little More [C2]

Scoot & Weave [A2]

Scoot & Counter [C2]

Scoot & Ramble [C1]

Scoot Chain Thru [A2]

Scoot Reaction [C3A]

Single Checkmate [C3A]

Single Rotary Spin [C3A]

Spin Chain & Circulate The Gears [C4]

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears [Plus]

Spin Chain The Gears [Plus]

Spin Chain Thru [Mainstream]

Square Chain The Top [C1]

Square Chain Thru [A1]

Square The Bases [C1]

Square Thru 3 [Basic]

Square Thru 4 [Basic]

Step & Slide The Axle [C1]

Stimulate [C3B]

Swing & Mix [A2]

Swing Along [C2]

Swing Thru [Basic]

Tag Back To A Wave [C1]

Tag Your Neighbor [C2]

The Axle [C1]

The Difference [C4]

The Gamut [C3A]

Triple Scoot [A1]

Triple Star Thru [A1]

Turn & Left Thru [C4]

Turn Thru [Mainstream]

Wheel Fan & Cross Thru [C4]

Wheel Fan Thru [C1]

Wheel Thru [A1]
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