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C3A view (admin)

1/4 The Deucey [C3A]

  • Undo a Any Hand 1/4 Thru + Circulate Twice
  • Hinge + Bias Circulate

3/4 The Deucey [C3A]

  • From Waves: Concentric Zing + Original Leaders U-Turn Back
  • (When called from (symmetric) Waves in which one sex is in the Center, and the other on the outside, 3/4 The Deucey is technically equivalent to 'Same Sexes Trade'.)

Bias Circulate [C3A]

  • Split Circulate + Stable Mix
  • Undo a Split Circulate + Circulate Twice

Breaker 1 [C3A]

  • From normal Columns: Stretched Box Recycle + Trailing End Ripple 2

Breaker 3 [C3A]

  • From normal Columns: Centers Stretched Box Recycle as Ends Stable Reach Out

Couple Up [C3A]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Box Counter Rotate 1/4 + Roll

Delight | Dilemma [C3A]

  • Centers part: Arm Turn 1/4

Exchange The Boxes [C3A]

  • From Generalized Columns: Concentric Zoom + U-Turn Back
  • From Generalized Lines: Single Concentric Half Sashay

Follow To A Diamond [C3A]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Trade + 1/2 Box Circulate

Interlocked Plenty [C3A]

  • From normal setups: Triple Trade + All 8 Cycle & Wheel

Interlocked Scoot Back [C3A]

  • Centers Mix as Ends U-Turn Back

Keep Busy [C3A]

  • Trailers part: Dodge Inward + Original End U-Turn Back
  • Trailers part: Bounce The Ends

Locker's Choice [C3A]

  • From Parallel Waves: Follow Your Neighbor + Centers Circulate Twice

Mirror Swap The Top [C3A]

  • Hinge + U-Turn Back

Scoot Reaction [C3A]

  • Relay The Top (Ends Circulate as Centers Un-Circulate) + Ends Zoom.

Single Checkmate [C3A]

  • Box Counter Rotate 1/4 + Box Circulate

Single Rotary Spin [C3A]

  • Touch 1/4

The Gamut [C3A]

  • Centers Cross Back as Ends Zoom; all Spread

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