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Alter & Circulate [C2]

  • From Parallel Waves: Circulate + Centers Slither as Ends U-Turn Back

Alter & Circulate [C2]

  • From Waves: Lines Cross Back Thru + Ends U-Turn Back

Catch 2 [C2]

  • From Facing Couples: Hinge + Ah So

Catch 3 [C2]

  • From Facing Couples: Single Rotate 1/4
  • From Facing Couples: Belle Walk, Beau Dodge

Catch 4 [C2]

  • From Facing Couples: Pass In + Reverse Single Rotate 1/4

Chain The Square [C2]

  • From Eight Chain Thru: Centers Right Anchor 1/2 as End Beau Press Out + Press Ahead as End Belle Press Ahead + U-Turn Back

Chisel Thru [C2]

  • From Facing Lines: Counter Rotate 1/4 + Circle Four 1/2 way
  • From Facing Lines: As Couples Bingo Like A Couple Up

Criss Cross The Shadow [C2]

  • (One interesting thing to note, sight-calling wise, is that from the position where you can call Cast A Shadow to a RLG, you can call Criss Cross The Shadow to a Left Allemande, and vice-versa!)
  • Ends Concentric Trixie as Centers Concentric Reset 1/2

Criss Cross Your Neighbor [C2]

  • Snake + Slip

Cross Invert The Column [C2]

  • Counter Rotate 1/2

Cross The "K" [C2]

  • From Facing Lines: Pass Thru + Switch The Line

Exchange The Diamonds [C2]

  • From Generalized Twin Diamonds: Centers Single Concentric Half Sashay as Ends Zoom + U-Turn Back

File To A Line [C2]

  • Centers part: Box Circulate

Flip Your Neighbor [C2]

  • Centers U-Turn Back as Ends Concentric Half Sashay

Flip Your Neighbor & Spread [C2]

  • Swing + Slip (This is very useful for sight-calling)

Grand Chain Eight [C2]

  • From Eight Chain Thru: Stretch Pass In + Ends Pass In
  • From Facing Lines: Counter Rotate 1/4 + Split Counter Rotate 1/4
  • From Double Pass Thru: Stretched Box Pass In
  • From Facing Lines: 2/3 Chisel Thru

Scoot & Cross Ramble [C2]

  • Concentric Slide Thru + Concentric Zoom

Scoot & Little More [C2]

  • Centers U-Turn Back and Ah So as Ends Reverse Single Rotate 1/4 (or Single Rotate 1/4 if Center Wave is left-handed)

Scoot & Counter [C2]

  • Centers Ah So as Ends Divide + Beaus U-Turn Back

Swing Along [C2]

  • From a Tidal Wave: Very Centers Trade + Concentric Ah So + Streteched Box Counter Rotate 1/4.

Tag Your Neighbor [C2]

  • Left 1/2 Tag + Hinge

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