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C1 view (admin)

Alter The Wave [C1]

  • From a Wave: Centers Slither as Ends Stable Trade
  • From a Wave: Single Concentric Half Sashay
  • From a Wave: Swing & Mix

Chase Your Neighbor [C1]

  • Hinge + Centers Cross Run
  • Belle Un-Walk as Beau Dodge + all Un-Hinge

Checkover [C1]

  • First Two Checkmate as Last Two 1/4 Out

Circle By 1/4 By 1/4 [C1]

  • Wheel Thru & Roll

Cross Chain & Roll [C1]

  • Stretch Cross Trail Thru + Zig-Zag

Cross Your Neighbor [C1]

  • Step Thru + Original Leaders 1/4 to Handhold as Original Trailers 1/4 against Handhold
  • Patch the Leads

Dixie Diamond [C1]

  • From Facing Couples: Vertical Tag To A Diamond
  • From Single Double Pass Thru: 3/4 Double Pass Thru + Ends 1/4 Right
  • From Facing Couples: Belles Jaywalk + 1/2 Box Circulate
  • From Facing Couples: Belles Jaywalk + 1/2 Box Circulate
  • From Facing Couples: Beau Extend as Belles Leap Frog and Face Right

Dixie Sashay [C1]

  • From Single Double Pass Thru: Once Removed Left Touch 1/4
  • From Facing Couples: As Couples Left Touch 1/4

Flip Back [C1]

  • Ends Trade + all Single Hinge
  • Central Spin The Windmill

Pass The Axle [C1]

  • From Eight Chain Thru: Ends Hocus Pocus + all U-Turn Back

Relay The Shadow [C1]

  • From Tidal Wave: Slip + Stretched Wave Ah So
  • From Facing Lines: As Couples Circle Left 1/4 + Partner Hinge
  • From Tidal Wave: Swing The Lock + Drag the Centers for a Counter Rotate 1/4

Relay The Top [C1]

  • From Waves: Ends Circulate as Centers Un-Circulate

Relay The Top, Star 1/2 [C1]

  • From Waves: Acey Deucey + Outeractives Trade

Relay The Top, Star 3/4 [C1]

  • From Waves: Ends Trade as Centers Trade

Rotary Spin [C1]

  • From Eight Chain Thru: Touch 1/4 + Ends Zoom

Scatter Scoot [C1]

  • From Waves: Out Roll Circulate

Scoot & Ramble [C1]

  • Concentric Slide Thru

Square Chain The Top [C1]

  • Reverse Swap Around

Square The Bases [C1]

  • Ends Cross Fold

Step & Slide The Axle [C1]

  • From Out-Facing Lines: U-Turn Back

Tag Back To A Wave [C1]

  • 1/2 Tag + Trade

The Axle [C1]

  • From Trade By: Centers Press Out + U-Turn Back as Ends U-Turn Back + Press Ahead

Wheel Fan Thru [C1]

  • From Facing Couples: 1/4 Out

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