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3/4 Thru [A1]

  • From R-H Mini-Wave Box: Un-Hinge + Slip

Cast A Shadow [A1]

  • From Parallel Lines: Ends Concentric Reverse Trixie (Lead End 1/4 Out, Trailing End 1/4 In) as Centers Bingo

Chain Reaction [A1]

  • (from normal 1/4 Tag only): Double Pass Thru, As Couples Leads Any Hand Roll To a Wave, Ends Run. (i.e., the second step is As Couples Right Roll or As Couples Left Roll, depending on the handedness of the original wave.)

Double Star Thru [A1]

  • Cross Trail Thru

Mix [A1]

  • From a Wave: Trade The Wave

Scoot & Dodge [A1]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Trailers Run

Square Chain Thru [A1]

  • From Facing Couples: Wheel Thru

Triple Scoot [A1]

  • Trade

Triple Star Thru [A1]

  • Those Facing Cross Trail Thru + Those Facing Slide Thru

Wheel Thru [A1]

  • Lead Right

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