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Plus view (admin)

Chase Right [Plus]

  • Undo a Pass Thru + Beaus Run
  • Beaus Run + Zoom

Coordinate [Plus]

  • From Columns: Circulate + Trail Off
  • Grand Cross Back + Peel Off

Cross Fire [Plus]

  • From a Two-Faced Line: Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag + Box Counter Rotate 1/4
  • From a R-H Two-Faced Line: Bend The Line + Touch 1/4

Fan The Top [Plus]

  • From Facing Couples: Beau Hop
  • From a Wave or 2FL: Drag the Centers for a Lockit

Follow Your Neighbor [Plus]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Shazam
  • From Mini-Wave Box: Hinge + U-Turn Back

Grand Swing Thru [Plus]

  • From R-H Tidal Wave: Centers Run + Center 6 Slither

Linear Cycle [Plus]

  • From a Wave: Recycle + Sweep 1/4
  • From a Wave: Explode The Wave + Trade

Load The Boat [Plus]

  • From Facing Lines: Centers Partner Tag as Ends Pass In & Concentric Circle 1/2
  • From Facing Lines: Tag The Line + Zoom + Ends U-Turn Back
  • From Facing Lines: Concentric Partner Tag + Ends Fold
  • From Facing Lines, Normal Couples: Slide Thru, then turn the board 180 degrees.

Peel The Top [Plus]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: 1/2 Zoom + Drag The Centers for a Lockit

Relay The Deucey [Plus]

  • From Waves: Circulate Twice
  • From Waves: Just turn the entire board 180 Degrees.

Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears [Plus]

  • From Waves. In-facing End do nothing; Others Circulate Twice.

Spin Chain The Gears [Plus]

  • Ends Circulate as Centers Un-Circulate
  • Relay The Top

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