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C4 view (admin)

(atc)er's Flow [C4]

  • Random Tandem Swing-Slip

1/4 The Alter [C4]

  • Undo a Step & Fold
  • (1/4 The Alter + Step & Fold is a zero)

3/4 The Alter [C4]

  • Leaders Stable Trail Off as Trailers Extend
  • Stable Box Recycle
  • Reach Out & Trade
  • Trade & Reach Out

Alter The Diamond [C4]

  • Diamond Snake

By Golly [C4]

  • If roll-direction is right, Touch 1/4; else Left Touch 1/4

Change The Web [C4]

  • From R-H 1/4 Tag: All 8 Recycle + Outsides Half Sashay
  • From a R-H 1/4 Tag: All 8 Recycle + Outsides Half Sashay
  • From a R-H 1/4 Tag: All 8 Recycle + Outsides Half Sashay

Clean Sweep 1/4 [C4]

  • Beaus Run

Cloverflo [C4]

  • From Trade By: Centers Pass In + Backaway as Ends Cross Concentric Partner Tag

Cloverleaf Turn [C4]

  • From Trade By: Centers 1/4 In + Backaway as Ends Cross Concentric 1/4 Out

Contour The Line [C4]

  • From a Wave: Once Removed Half Sashay

Cooperate [C4]

  • Tandem Reach Out

Counteract [C4]

  • From Columns: Stretched Box Counter Rotate + Trade

Criss Cross Follow To A Diamond [C4]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Single 1/2 Crazy Snake

Criss Cross The Diamond [C4]

  • Weave + Trailing Ends exchange places

Cross Double Your Pleasure [C4]

  • Ends Trade + Ends Hocus Pocus

Cross Replace The Column [C4]

  • Tandem Trail Off + Counter Rotate 1/4

Cross Sashay [C4]

  • From a Wave: Lock The Hinge

Curli-Cross [C4]

  • Touch 1/4 & Cross
  • Split Swap

Curli-Cross The Top [C4]

  • Spin The Top

Curli-Wheel [C4]

  • Pass Thru + Shakedown
  • Split Swap + U-Turn Back

Curlique [C4]

  • Touch 1/4

Derby [C4]

  • Cross Roll To A Line

Dixie Chain [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: Vertical Tag The Line

Dixie Daisy [C4]

  • From Single Double Pass Thru: U-Turn Back
  • From Facing Couples: Mirror Single Wheel

Dixie Derby [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: As Couples Touch 1/4
  • From Single Double Pass Thru: Single Concentric Touch 1/4
  • From Facing Couples: Travel Thru

Dixie Spin [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: Tandem Left Touch 1/4 + Single Hinge
  • From Facing Couples: Circle 1/2 + Left Touch

Double Your Pleasure [C4]

  • Ends Invert Trixie + Ends Counter Rotate 1/4 (Center's part of the call is a zero)

Fan & Cross Thru [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: Cross & Turn

Fan Thru [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: Reverse Swap Around

Flare The Star [C4]

  • Beaus Chain

Follow & Criss Cross [C4]

  • From Parallel Waves: In Roll Circulate + Hinge

Hang A Right [C4]

  • Solid-of-4 Right Roll To A Wave

Hang Loose [C4]

  • Centers Circulate + all Explode

Hot Foot Spin [C4]

  • From Parallel Waves: Acey Deucey + Trade

Lead The Class [C4]

  • Ends Circulate Twice as Centers Un-Circulate + all Face In

Lead The Way [C4]

  • Centers part: Zing

Line To Line [C4]

  • From Facing Lines: Ends Circulate Twice (the Center's part is a zero)

Nip & Tuck [C4]

  • Latch On

Peel The Deal [C4]

  • Tandem 1/4 In

Push Off [C4]

  • From applicable Columns: Centers Zing and 1/4 Left as Ends Cross Concentric Beau Hop and Hinge

Relay The Diamond [C4]

  • From Waves: Centers Tandem all Acey Deucey + all U-Turn Back

Replace The Column [C4]

  • Split Counter Rotate 1/4 + Ends Concentric Half Sashay
  • Initially Tandem, Finally Solid-Of-4 Snake + Half Sashay
  • Initially Tandem, Finally Solid-Of-4 Snake + Half Sashay

Retreat The Line [C4]

  • As Couples 1/4 Out

Rotary Circulate [C4]

  • Scoot Back + Counter Rotate 1/2

Spin Chain & Circulate The Gears [C4]

  • From Parallel Waves: Ends Circulate Twice.

The Difference [C4]

  • From Mini-Wave Box: Undo a Split Circulate

Turn & Left Thru [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: Half Sashay

Wheel Fan & Cross Thru [C4]

  • From Facing Couples: 1/4 Out & Half Sashay
  • From Facing Couples: Pass Out

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