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Czech Republic
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Czech Republic

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15 records
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 Čermák, František (picture)  Nýrsko, Czech Republic
Beginners thru Plus
Easy thru Phase V
OSA licensed
Club - TENNESSEE Klatovy (Czech republic) I started calling in 1990 and cueing in 1992. Specialities? Happy dance.... Slogan? hmm... Dancing make me happy... yeah

 Antonín, Michal  Adamov, Czech Republic
Basic thru Plus

 Bayer, Michal (picture)  WEB SITE   Prague, Czech Republic
Basic thru A2
  • CzechoSlovak Callers & Teachers Association active member
  • Calling regularly for Country Farrow SDC (Prague, CZ)
     Beneš, Michal "Benitto" (picture)  Plzen, Czech Republic
    Beginners thru A1
    Easy thru Phase V

     Dužek, Petr  Brno, Czech Republic
    Basic thru C1
    Caller Seminars, Youth Groups;
     Dvorak, David (picture)  Praha (Prague), Czech Republic
    Basic thru C1
    Traveling, Caller Seminars, One Night Stands, Community Dance Program (CDP), Mixers, Contras, Traditional Squares, GEMA licensed;
    ECTA e.V. - active member, CSCTA o.s. - member, CCCDCA os. - board member

     Hrbáè, David  Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic
    Basic thru Plus
    Calling since 1991

     Jan, Michal "Dingo" (picture)  WEB SITE   Brno, Czech Republic
    Beginners thru A2
    Traveling, Mixers, Line Dances, Country Western Two-Steps, Contras, Traditional Squares, Youth Groups;
    Calling regularly for Community Dancers (Brno, CZ) and irregularly for Bells Brno SDC (Brno, CZ) and irregularly for Dancing Strawberries (Gerasdorf bei Wien, AT)

     Machalik, Tomas "Doug" (picture)  WEB SITE   Kladno, Czech Republic
    Beginners thru A2
    Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, ECTA member, GCA member, Caller Seminars, Youth Groups, Festival Sound Service;
    I strive for high-energy up-beat dancing with choreography that is as smooth as possible while providing variety as well as reasonable amount of mental challenge. I try to provide variety through music as well - from traditional Square Dance tunes to modern sound, alternative music and karaoke tracks.

    I will be happy to call for you - in person or over the Internet using Skype (if you want to try)!

    Other information:

    If you are looking for any information concerning Square Dancing in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, feel free to contact me. I will do my best to help you.

     Machalikova, Martina (picture)  Kladno, Czech Republic
    Basic thru Plus
    ECTA member;

     Podlaha, Martin "Pavouk"   Retired    Praha 9 - Bechovice, Czech Republic
    Basic thru A1
    Caller Seminars;
    Quit calling (and Square Dance) in 2010. :-((

     Slabý, Jiří (picture)  Praha, Czech Republic
    Basic thru A1
    Traveling, Recording artist, ECTA member, One Night Stands;
    Calling since 1990 -- Producer ABC Records -- Member CSCTA
     Sladek, Martin (picture)  WEB SITE   Plzen, Czech Republic
    Basic thru C3A

     Tesař, David (picture)  WEB SITE   Prague, Czech Republic
    C1 thru C3B
    I have been a caller since 1992, I currently call up to C3B. I am invited mainly to Challenge dances in Europe. Besides Czech Republic I call regularly in Germany and Austria and occasionally in England and Denmark.

     Vondrak, Pavel "Bedrich" (picture)   WEB SITE   Brno, Czech Republic
    Beginners thru Plus
    25-April-2019 10:48:51
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