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Choosing Dances   by Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid
How to choose which dance to buy, teach or showcase.
Five Points of Contact  by Chris & Terri Cantrell
The five points of contact are the key to comfortable dancing.
From Phase II to Phase III  by Annette Woodruff
A wonderful adventure is starting.
How Many Records?  by John Brant
The number of records cuers have will amaze you.
How to Write a Dance   by Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid
More and more cuers and dancers are starting to write dances to their favorite piece of music. (PDF document)
North American Dance Rhythms  by Chris & Terri Cantrell
Did you ever wonder where dance rhythms originated?
Our Very Own Dance Studio  by Frank & Carol Valenta
The story of why and how.
Pile Up on Styling  by Sara Garza
Each individual will develop their own dance style.
Proper Round Dancing Styling and Etiquette (in 1879)  by John Brant
The rules of etiquette were complicated in the 19th century.
Round Dancers Vs. "Good" Round Dancers  by Frank & Carol Valenta
Four guidelines of being a "good" round dancer.
The Dancing Jewels  by John Brant
The only youth Round Dancing demonstration group in America.
The Phase Rating System Reflects the History of Round Dancing  by Veronica McClure
Phase II is rich with dancing history.
Two Step  by Jesse Chisholm
Odd name for a three step move.
Understand the Round Dance Levels  by Annette Woodruff
The Round Dancing rating system helps dancers know what moves are in the dance.
What Exactly is Round Dancing?  by Jo Pringle and Mike Pringle
A three part series about the origin and structure of Round Dancing. (reprint from Canadian Dancers News)
World-Wide Dance Rhythms  by Chris & Terri Cantrell
Did you wonder where dance rhythms originated? -- Copyright © 2022 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.