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An Impression of Challenge Dancing   by Fred Hapgood
Excerpt from Up the Infinite Corridor.
ID: 200

Challenge Square Dancing: Myths and Responses   by Clark Baker
Dissolving myths proposed by Nasser Shukayr.
ID: 166

Introduction to (Challenge) Square Dancing   by Lynette Bellini and Kathy Godfrey
What is Challenge Dancing? What is Square Dancing? And how is Challenge Dancing different than Square Dancing?
ID: 169

Moving Up To Advanced or Challenge   by Allan Hurst
When should you learn a new dance level? More specifically, when should you move up to Advanced or Challenge? This article talks about what you can reasonably expect if you decide to move up to Advanced or Challenge dancing.
ID: 396

Welcome to Challenge Dancing   by Charles Young
So you're thinking about taking Challenge lessons. You will find Challenge square dancing to be intellectually challenging and stimulating. It can be done and done well. And it is fun to dance at the Challenge levels.
ID: 391
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