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A bunch of 'Squares' help keep dance heritage alive  by Brian Hazle
ID: 209

Dancing, flirting and good, clean family fun  by Deborah A. Sakamoto
All are welcome at this safe, comfortable environment in Alaska.
ID: 202

Do the do-si-do  by Marilyn McMahon  reprinted from Santa Barbara News-Press
An article showcasing the Fairs 'n' Squares (Santa Barbara, CA) one of Santa Barbara's oldest clubs back in 1987.
ID: 210

Grab a partner for some good clean fun  by Suzanne Boynton
ID: 211

GS Family Takes a Shine to Western Square Dancing  by Marty Ambrose
ID: 203

Local enthusiasts say it's hip to be square  by Kelly Sullivan  reprinted from Times-Herald News (Vallejo, CA)
ID: 212

Monroe Hall - Dance Hall Days  by Penny Hastings
ID: 214

PARADE Magazine 3-30-97
ID: 207

Square dancers step into action  by Dianne Reber
ID: 208

Square dancing isn't for squares   by Bill Blankenship
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ID: 382

Swing Your Partner and Square Dance to Mexico  reprinted from Hi-Way Herald, April 1988
ID: 204

Swingin' and Swayin'  by Marilyn LaRocque
ID: 206

The Bug-Swallowing Act  by Alix M. Freedman
ID: 213

These RVers Square Their Fun  by Sherry McBride
ID: 205
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