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Caller Resources ==> Specific Calls

Four Calls from Unusual Setups   by Sue Curtis  reprinted from Trailblazer Workshop 2008
This workshop focuses on doing certain calls from unusual setups. The calls I use are Acey Deucey, Horseshoe Turn, Load the Boat, and Pass and Roll. The .first three of these calls are interesting because they have di.fferent parts for the centers and ends. Often, both the centers' and ends' parts can be done from several di.fferent setups. This gives us quite a variety of overall starting setups for the call.

Challenge ==> Technical Papers

Dancing the Matrix Concept   by Sue Curtis
This paper describes a method of thinking about the Matrix concept.

The 3 by 1 Concept   by Sue Curtis
This definition accurately describes previously-used calls such as Checkmate (and even Transfer!) and allows the 3 by 1 concept to be applied to many other calls.

The 3 By 3 Concept   by Sue Curtis
The 3 by 3 concept clarifies the 12 Matrix concept since it provides a well-defined method of converting 8-person calls to 12-person calls.

The Fractional Twosome Concept   by Scott Morton and Sue Curtis
The Fractional Twosome Concept is a new method of working jointly with another dancer. -- Copyright © 2021 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.