Rusty Hinges

An old means to new members
or a new means to old members.

Do you remember when most of the square dance community was young? Where are they now? What are they doing?

Ten, twenty & thirty years ago there were numerous teen and young adult groups. What happened to them? Many stopped dancing because of family, work, personal priorities and various other reasons.

Dancers that used to dance might dance again. Your job if you choose to accept it: Contact all those dancers on previous membership lists whom you have not seen in a long time. Dancers lose touch with the club if no one keeps in touch with them.

In Cincinnati, dancers have benefited from a Rusty Hinges Workshop. In the process of contacting people about a club anniversary dance, a notice was sent asking if anyone was interested in a brush-up workshop. Old membership list were solicited for this undertaking. Experienced dancers returning to our activity most times do not need to start back in a beginners class.

A great teacher, Jerry Helt, was selected to review all the calls and work on any trouble spots. The workshop was originally slated for 15 weeks and has been ongoing for four years. Each year dancers take the opportunity to brush- up and get reintroduced to the fun and fellowship.

Not only can past dancers benefit from this program so can new graduates and regular dancers who wish to gain more floor time.

Go, get started.

Things needed:
Membership Lists
Postcard size flyers
Postcard Stamps


We Miss You!

Come Join the Fun, Again!

Rusty Hinges
Square Dance Workshop

Beginning this Fall

For experienced dancers wishing to come back to the greatest activity on Earth.

Dates * Times * Location
For More Info: Local Dancer (800) Sqr-Dncr#

Plan to put notices in area newspapers or local magazines in case there are any more lost soles out and about looking to get back into square (or round) dancing.

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I want to thank Marianne for sharing these promotional ideas.

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