Summertime (or Anytime)
Open Houses & Dance Parties

Square Up Summertime is a great time to start recruiting new members for fall classes. The challenge is to do this in an economical way. Open houses aren't new but let us start a little bit early. September is such a busy month and open houses are being less and less attended.

Club nights during the summer months! We have the hall and caller. Dancers and refreshments are plentiful. Start early or do it during the club time - plan for a Summertime Dance Party. [Heaven forbid no one comes - go on with the club dance as usual.]

Plan on getting information out to the general public. Do not depend on placing flyers on the club flyer table - we need to target all of those people who never hear about this great activity and some of the community service projects we engage in.

Follow the ingredients below as a new or revised recruiting tool. Planning an open house on club night.

Summertime Dance Party - feeds many.
1 hall on club night.
1 caller already scheduled to call.
1 refreshment table ready for the regular club dance.
Many members dressed casually for the summer weather.
A variety of different styles of dances. Squares, Lines, Mixers, Ballroom, Rounds, Contra, & Folk Dances.

1. Communicate with your caller, cuer and members about an Open House Night on their club night.
a. Select one or more summer club nights - June, July or August. Try more than one night - If the guests enjoyed themselves, they will invite their friends to the next dance.
b. Schedule the dance party from 7:00 - 8:30 and visitors can watch the square & round dancers until 9:00 or Schedule the entire evening from 8:00 - 10:00 with one angel tip during the dance.

2. Prepare community press releases for Radio, Television, and local newspapers.
[Prepare one press release & make copies]

3. Prepare flyers or brochures about fall classes and general information about your club and the local square dance community. [Callerlab and American Square Dance Magazine both have brochures explaining our activity.]

4. Distribute flyers or brochures to area churches, businesses, community events, dentist & doctor offices, community clubs/associations, etc.

5. Have caller and members talk to as many people as possible about coming out together for this fun night.

6. The night of the dance: Keep the dances easy and fun. Mingle with all of your guests. Personally invite them back to visit even if they are not yet interested in starting classes.

7. Stir Well and serve often.

Note: Remember to get names, addresses and telephone numbers and keep in touch.

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I want to thank Marianne for sharing these promotional ideas.

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