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Bear Miller
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Bear Miller
 Denver, Colorado, USA
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Bear Miller


Calling Basic thru A2

  • Full-time
  • Traveling
  • Recording artist
  • CALLERLAB member
  • Caller Seminars
  • One Night Stands
  • Youth Groups
  • BMI and ASCAP licensed

In my time in Square Dancing, I have come to believe that sometimes we lose sight of the reasons we started dancing in the first place, great music, good friends and tons of fun. That is why in my Calling, these are the most important ingredients in my performance.

Career Highlights:
* Vice-Chair Square Dance Program 53rd Nationals Denver Colorado 2004
* Past President Denver Area Callers Association 2 terms
* Performed at weekends, festivals and Rocky Mountain Magic featuring the Ghost Riders Square Dance Band
* Calls with 4 friends who comprise "Mountain Magic" Debbie Steinkirchner, Charlie Robertson, Jeff Palmer & Roger Schappell
* Called at 18 National Square Dance Conventions and has been honored with many spots with the Ghost Riders Square Dance Band
* Recently released Neil Diamond's "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show" on Gold Wing Records GWR-12
* Calls on average 25+ nights per month

Bear at Home
Address Bear Miller
9603 W Tufts Ave
Denver, Colorado
Phone (home) 303.973.9529   
Phone (mobile) 303.919.1395   
Bear at Work
Phone (work) 303.919.1395   

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Recordings by Bear Miller:
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Gold Wing 123
Chicken Fried  (comments)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Double M 192
Devil In Disguise  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Gold Wing 122
Silhouettes  (comments)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Double M 221
Sweet Caroline  (cue sheet) (lyrics)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Alter-EGO 301
The Cat's In The Cradle  (lyrics)  *** on wish list *** Singing Call, Lou Mac 232

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