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Vic Ceder -- Square Dance Caller
Vic Ceder -- Square Dance Caller
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  • Partner Trade [Basic]
    • From a Couple: Walk forward 180°, passing Right-Shoulders, to take the place of the dancer beside you.
    • We did Partner Trade from Half-Sashayed Couples.
  • Recycle [Mainstream]
    • Recycle: From a Wave. Ends Cross Fold as Centers Fold to follow the nearest End, to end as a Couple with that End. Ends in Facing Couples.
    • Ends turn 180°, Centers turn a full 360°.
    • The ending position for the original Centers is 1/2 of a position backward from their starting position.
    • Styling: if you are an End, give the adjacent Center a light tap with your joined hand. This starts the End moving in the correct direction. Then, grab the Center's other hand as soon as you can. Dancing in this manner increases your chance for success since Recycle feels a lot like Wheel & Deal.
    • We did Recycle from both R-H Waves and L-H Waves, and mixed up the sexes so that sometimes the Girls were Centers, and sometimes the Boys were Centers.
  • Leaders and Trailers
    • From Tandem (Front-to-Back) Dancers, Facing Dancers, or Back-to-Back Dancers.
      • Leaders: Those facing away from the center of the two-dancer formation.
      • Trailers: Those facing toward the center of the two-dancer formation.
    • It is important to understand Leaders and Trailers since many call definitions are defined in terms of 'Leaders do this...' and 'Trailers do that...'.
  • Diamond calls [Plus]
    • A Diamond is a 4-dancer formation that can be obtained from a Two-Faced Line after Centers Hinge. A Diamond consists of two Centers and two Ends (also known as Points).
    • Diamond Circulate: Move forward to the next position in the Diamond, turning 90° as you go. Ends in a Diamond. If you are required to pass another dancer (Facing Diamond Circulate), then pass right-shoulders with that dancer.
    • Cut The Diamond: Centers Diamond Circulate as Points slide together & Trade to end in the furthest center position. Ends in a Line.
    • Flip The Diamond: Centers Diamond Circulate as Points flip in (run 180° toward the center) to end in the near center position. Ends in a Line.
  • Zoom [Basic]
    • From a 2 x 2. Leaders do a 360° turn away from the center of the 2 x 2 to end in the spot behind them as Trailers Circulate. Ends in a 2 x 2.
    • We did Zoom from Double Pass Thru formation, Completed Double Pass Thru formation, and Mini-Wave Columns.
    • We did (just the) Ends Zoom from Diamonds and Waves.
    • We also did 1/2 Zoom.
  • Do Paso [Basic]
    • From a Circle, Squared Set, or other applicable formation. Face Your Partner if necessary and Left-Arm Turn 1/2 (and let go), with your corner Right-Arm Turn 1/2 (and let go), back to your partner with L-H for a Courtesy Turn.
    • This call is usually directionalized, and the caller often replaces the Courtesy Turn with another call such as:
      • hold on, make an Allemande Thar, Men back up..., or
      • turn Partner Left, Head Lady Center for a Tea Cup Chain.
  • Wheel Around [Basic]
    • As a Couple and do a Left-face U-Turn Back (i.e., Cast Left 1/2). Wheel Around is similar to a Courtesy Turn, but with a normal couple handhold.
  • Circulate [Basic] (from Parallel Lines and Columns)
    • From Parallel Lines, there are two 4-dancer Circulate paths: an inside path (the Center 4 dancers), and an outside path (the Outer 4 dancers).
    • From Columns, there is one 8-dancer Circulate path.
    • To do a Circulate, if you are looking directly at another dancer, go to that spot; if you are facing out, walk forward making a 180° arc and end in the spot that is about the same distance from the center of the set as your starting spot.
    • We did Circulates from Facing Lines (in which case Circulate is the same as Pass Thru).
    • We did Circulate from Back-to-Back Lines (in which case Circulate amounts to Centers Trade as Ends Trade). Remember to pass right-shoulders with the other Center or End: whenever two opposite-facing dancers are required to temporarily occupy the same spot, pass right-shoulders.
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