Vic Ceder -- Square Dance Caller
Vic Ceder -- Square Dance Caller

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Member since 1989

General Background

Square Dance Background

  • I started dancing in 1975 in a teen club where I met my future wife Debbie. We started dancing advanced level in 1977 (while we were in high school). A year later we started learning challenge and I developed an interest in calling. I occasionally walked our tape group through some material that I had written. Later I tried 'calling' the material accompanied by taped music. After that, I purchased a Hilton sound system and microphone and jumped into learning how to call.
  • I started calling in November 1981 (at the challenge level). I currently call at levels Basic through C4. I have taught classes at all levels from Basic through C3B.
  • I am a self-taught caller and have never attended a caller's school as a student (whether this is good or bad is debatable). However, I have taken about six months of weekly voice lessons, and have learned calling skills from observing other callers and listening to criticism and comments made by callers and dancers.
  • I have called in 31 states and 8 countries (other than USA).
  • I've called at the National Square Dance Convention in Birmingham (1985), Houston (1987), Anaheim (1988), Anaheim (2001), and Long Beach (2009).
  • I am currently a permanent staff caller at the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE) Convention.
  • Debbie and I are the authors of
  • I've written several square dance related programs for Windows-based PCs, notably the

Other Dancing

  • Debbie and I occasionally do East Coast style Swing Dancing (i.e., Jitterbug) when we have the chance.
  • We also sometimes do Round Dancing (Debbie is much better than Vic).
  • Debbie also likes to do Contra, Line Dancing and Clogging.

Other Background

  • Musical
    • I've played the piano since grade school. I specialize in Ragtime (Scott Joplin and that crowd).
  • Languages
    • French (5 years, Jr.High & High School)
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