My Gal Country Style
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Square Dance
Lyrics ByJim Robinson and Johnny A. Wilson 
Composed By 
Recorded ByRed Foley 

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Now I got a gal country style
The one for her kisses I'd walk a mile
She's the sweetest thing around these parts

When she rolls those eyes at me
I get a weakness in my knees
She's completely stole away my heart

She got pigs in the pigpen, ducks in the pond
Hens in the henhouse, cows in the barn
She can cook, she can sew
That's some of the reasons why I love her so

When she fixes turnip greens
Cornbread and butter beans
I know that she is my gal country style

Her dresses are made of flour sacks
She bends that ??? ??? way, way back
She likes to feel the mud ooze 'tween her toes

She holds her own at splitting logs
She won a blue ribbon for calling hogs
She is my gal country style you know

She got ham in the smokehouse, honey in the hive
Money in the National, man alive!
She had an old horse, almost dead
She swapped him off for a thoroughbred

She can dance, she can sing
I'm gonna buy her a wedding ring
I know that she is my gal country style

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