San Diego Wild Animal Park (January 2006)
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Safari adventure with cousins Lucas and Anakaview (admin)
 Barbary sheep need to see the barber 
 Hot Air Balloon over Savannah 
 East African Crowned Cranes 
 White Rhinos 
 "Sonny" Bonobo 
 Feeding Lorikeets 
 Closeup with nectar cup 
 Two parrots on a Perch -- one says to the other, "Something smells Fishy!" 
 Waterfall at Congo Fishing Village 
 CDEDBD ducks? 
 Pelicans, just because they peli could. 
 Froggus anaka-hoppus 
 Flamencos or Flamingos? 
 Pelicans, Coots, and other riff-raff 
 African Shoebill 
 Gerenuks with a Dik-Dik here, a Dik-Dik there... a Cousin, there a Cousin -- Anaka, Caitlyn, and Lucas 
 Reticulated Rock Concert 
 Nyala Antelope (male and female) 
 African Stork 
 Aloe, ow are you? 
 Petting Zoo 
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