Ixtapa Mexico (November 2005)
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Mexico trip with square dancers and friendsview (admin)
 Hotel room balcony (Meliá Azul Ixtapa) 
 Same balcony, different view 
 Another part of the resort 
 Our local beach 
 Hibiscus flower - outdoor variety 
 Hibiscus flower - indoor variety 
 Practicing spins... 
 Water taxis and Ixtapa Island 
 Inside the water taxi 
 Destination: Ixtapa Island 
 The other side of Ixtapa Island 
 Donning mask and snorkel 
 Entrance to the flea market 
 Guess what lives next door? 
 Iguana #1 
 Iguana #2 
 Crocodile #1 
 Crocodile #2 
 Bird #1 
 Birds #2 thru #12 - not shown #13 
 A display at the hotel 
 Guys with noisemakers 
 A finished product 
 More finished products 
 Still working on it...
(it turned out great!) 
 Time for braids... 
 Still working on it... 
 Finished product - back view 
 Finished product - side view 
 New braids, new bikini 
 The Braidy Bunch
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