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Caitlyn's Pokémon Card Collection
Pokémon Cards for Sale or Trade
Caitlyn in Hawaii #1   
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   Caitlyn in Hawaii #2

Pokémon Cards for Sale or Trade
10-April-2020 08:39

To buy or trade, Contact Debbie

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1568 records.

Ancient Origins  Base Set  Base Set 2  Black & White  Boundaries Crossed  BREAKpoint  BREAKthrough  BW Promos  BW Red Collection  Call of Legends  Collection Y  Dark Explorers  Diamond And Pearl Base Set  Double Crisis  DP - Legends Awakened  DP - Majestic Dawn  DP - Mysterious Treasures  DP - Secret Wonders  DP - Stormfront  DP: Trainer Kit #1 (Gold & Blue)  Dragon Vault  Dragons Exalted  Emerging Powers  Evolutions  EX Crystal Guardians  EX Delta Species  EX Deoxys  EX Dragon  EX Dragon Frontiers  EX Emerald  EX FireRed & LeafGreen  EX Hidden Legends  EX Legend Maker  EX Power Keepers  EX Ruby And Sapphire  EX Sandstorm  EX Team Magma Versus Team Aqua  EX Unseen Forces  EX: Trainer Kit #1 (Red & Blue)  EX: Trainer Kit #2 (Red & Blue)  Expedition  Fates Collide  Flashfire  Fossil  Furious Fists  Generations  Generations (Radiant Collection)  Gym 1/Gym 2 (Japanese)  Gym Challenge  Gym Heroes  HeartGold & SoulSilver  HS - Triumphant  HS - Undaunted  HS - Unleashed  Jungle  Kalos Starter Set  Legendary Collection  Legendary Treasures  Legendary Treasures (Radiant)  National Beginning Set  Neo Destiny  Neo Discovery  Neo Genesis  Neo Revelation  Next Destinies  Nintendo Black Star Promos  Noble Victories  Phantom Forces  Plasma Blast  Plasma Freeze  Plasma Storm  Platinum  Platinum - Arceus  Platinum - Rising Rivals  Platinum - Supreme Victors  Platinum 1 (Japanese Pt1)  Platinum 2 (Japanese Pt2)  Primal Clash  Roaring Skies  Steam Siege  Team Rocket  Wild Blaze  Wizards Black Star Promo  XY  pre 

Ancient Origins
Ampharos Spirit Link Ancient Origins
Baltoy Ancient Origins
Beldum Ancient Origins
Golurk Ancient Origins
Malamar Ancient Origins
Vespiquen Ancient Origins

Base Set
Abra Base Set
Arcanine Base Set
Beedrill Base Set
Bill Base Set
Bill (Bill) Base Set
Blastoise Base Set
Bulbasaur Base Set
Caterpie Base Set
Chansey Base Set
Charmander Base Set
Charmeleon Base Set
Clefairy Base Set
Clefairy Doll Base Set
Defender Base Set
Dewgong Base Set
Diglett Base Set
Doduo Base Set
Dragonair Base Set
Dratini Base Set
Drowzee Base Set
Dugtrio Base Set
Electrode Base Set
Farfetch'd Base Set
Fire Energy Base Set
Full Heal Base Set
Gastly Base Set
Grass Energy Base Set
Grass Energy Base Set
Growlithe Base Set
Gust Of Wind Base Set
Gyarados Base Set
Haunter Base Set
Item Finder Base Set
Ivysaur Base Set
Jynx Base Set
Kakuna Base Set
Koffing Base Set
Lass Base Set
Machamp Base Set
Machoke Base Set
Machop Base Set
Magikarp Base Set
Magmar Base Set
Magnemite Base Set
Maintenance Base Set
Metapod Base Set
Mewtwo Base Set
Nidoran ♂ Base Set
Ninetales Base Set
Onix Base Set
Pidgeotto Base Set
Pidgey Base Set
Pikachu Base Set
PlusPower Base Set
Pokédex Base Set
Poliwag Base Set
Poliwhirl Base Set
Poliwrath Base Set
Ponyta Base Set
Porygon Base Set
Potion Base Set
Professor Oak Base Set
Raticate Base Set
Rattata Base Set
Revive Base Set
Sandshrew Base Set
Scoop Up Base Set
Seel Base Set
Squirtle Base Set
Starmie Base Set
Staryu Base Set
Super Potion Base Set
Switch Base Set
Tangela Base Set
Vulpix Base Set
Wartortle Base Set
Water Energy Base Set
Water Energy Base Set
Weedle Base Set

Base Set 2
Abra Base Set 2
Beedrill Base Set 2
Bellsprout Base Set 2
Bill Base Set 2
Chansey Base Set 2
Charmander Base Set 2
Charmeleon Base Set 2
Cubone Base Set 2
Defender Base Set 2
Dewgong Base Set 2
Diglett Base Set 2
Doduo Base Set 2
Drowzee Base Set 2
Electabuzz Base Set 2
Energy Removal Base Set 2
Energy Retrieval Base Set 2
Exeggcute Base Set 2
Farfetch'd Base Set 2
Fearow Base Set 2
Fighting Energy Base Set 2
Fire Energy Base Set 2
Gastly Base Set 2
Goldeen Base Set 2
Grass Energy Base Set 2
Growlithe Base Set 2
Gust Of Wind Base Set 2
Jigglypuff Base Set 2
Kadabra Base Set 2
Kangaskhan Base Set 2
Lickitung Base Set 2
Lightning Energy Base Set 2
Machop Base Set 2
Magikarp Base Set 2
Magmar Base Set 2
Magnemite Base Set 2
Meowth Base Set 2
Metapod Base Set 2
Nidoran ♀ Base Set 2
Nidorina Base Set 2
Nidorino Base Set 2
Paras Base Set 2
Persian Base Set 2
Pikachu Base Set 2
PlusPower Base Set 2
Poké Ball Base Set 2
Pokédex Base Set 2
Pokémon Center Base Set 2
Poliwag Base Set 2
Potion Base Set 2
Psychic Energy Base Set 2
Rattata Base Set 2
Rhyhorn Base Set 2
Sandshrew Base Set 2
Seaking Base Set 2
Seel Base Set 2
Squirtle Base Set 2
Starmie Base Set 2
Staryu Base Set 2
Super Potion Base Set 2
Switch Base Set 2
Venomoth Base Set 2
Venonat Base Set 2
Vulpix Base Set 2
Wartortle Base Set 2
Water Energy Base Set 2
Weedle Base Set 2
Weepinbell Base Set 2

Black & White
Darmanitan Black & White
Darumaka Black & White
Deerling Black & White
Energy Retrieval Black & White
Joltik Black & White
Lillipup Black & White
Maractus Black & White
Oshawott Black & White
Patrat Black & White
Pidove Black & White
Purrloin Black & White
Sandile Black & White
Sandile Black & White
Scraggy Black & White
Switch Black & White
Venipede Black & White
Woobat Black & White

Boundaries Crossed
Blitzle Boundaries Crossed
Cryogonal Boundaries Crossed
Darmanitan Boundaries Crossed
Darumaka Boundaries Crossed
Delcatty Boundaries Crossed
Delibird Boundaries Crossed
Dewott Boundaries Crossed
Dunsparce Boundaries Crossed
Energy Search Boundaries Crossed
Fire Energy Boundaries Crossed
Great Ball Boundaries Crossed
Hugh Boundaries Crossed
Lightning Energy Boundaries Crossed
Lilligant Boundaries Crossed
Lillipup Boundaries Crossed
Mienfoo Boundaries Crossed
Numel Boundaries Crossed
Oshawott Boundaries Crossed
Potion Boundaries Crossed
Purrloin Boundaries Crossed
Skitty Boundaries Crossed
Skyla Boundaries Crossed
Snorlax Boundaries Crossed
Venipede Boundaries Crossed
Water Energy Boundaries Crossed
White Kyurem Boundaries Crossed

Electabuzz BREAKpoint
Ferroseed BREAKpoint

Axew BREAKthrough
Axew BREAKthrough
Bronzong BREAKthrough
Elgyem BREAKthrough
Gastly BREAKthrough
Hoothoot BREAKthrough
Noibat BREAKthrough
Pansear BREAKthrough
Piplup BREAKthrough
Prinplup BREAKthrough
Quilava BREAKthrough
Quilladin BREAKthrough
Ralts BREAKthrough
Reserved Ticket BREAKthrough
Scatterbug BREAKthrough
Teddiursa BREAKthrough
Vanillish BREAKthrough
Woobat BREAKthrough

BW Promos
Oshawott BW Promos

BW Red Collection
Kaburumo (Karrablast) BW Red Collection
Kuitaran (Heatmor ) BW Red Collection
Roobushin (Conkeldurr ) BW Red Collection
Yabukuron (Trubbish) BW Red Collection

Call of Legends
Cyndaquil Call of Legends
Donphan Call of Legends
Eevee Call of Legends
Houndour Call of Legends
Magmar Call of Legends
Mawile Call of Legends
Phanpy Call of Legends
Teddiursa Call of Legends
Totodile Call of Legends

Collection Y

Dark Explorers
Chansey Dark Explorers
Chatot Dark Explorers
Combusken Dark Explorers
Drilbur Dark Explorers
Ducklett Dark Explorers
Eevee Dark Explorers
Eevee Dark Explorers
Gurdurr Dark Explorers
Ivysaur Dark Explorers
Joltik Dark Explorers
Joltik Dark Explorers
Karrablast Dark Explorers
Klang Dark Explorers
Klink Dark Explorers
Larvesta Dark Explorers
Minun Dark Explorers
N Dark Explorers
Piplup Dark Explorers
Plusle Dark Explorers
Sandile Dark Explorers
Scraggy Dark Explorers
Slowpoke Dark Explorers
Timburr Dark Explorers
Torchic Dark Explorers
Torchic Dark Explorers
Tynamo Dark Explorers
Vanillite Dark Explorers

Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Cherubi Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Darkness Energy Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Double Full Heal Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Energy Search Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Fire Energy Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Grass Energy Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Monferno Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Poké Ball Diamond And Pearl Base Set
Rhydon Diamond And Pearl Base Set

Double Crisis
Team Magma's Baltoy Double Crisis
Team Magma's Numel Double Crisis
Team Magma's Zangoose Double Crisis

DP - Legends Awakened
Cubone DP - Legends Awakened
Driftlon (Drifloon) DP - Legends Awakened
Eneco (Skitty) DP - Legends Awakened
Gligar DP - Legends Awakened
Gulpin DP - Legends Awakened
Krebscorps (Corphish) DP - Legends Awakened
Numel DP - Legends Awakened
Riolu DP - Legends Awakened
Shinx DP - Legends Awakened
Swinub DP - Legends Awakened
Taillow DP - Legends Awakened

DP - Majestic Dawn
Aipom DP - Majestic Dawn
Bronzor DP - Majestic Dawn
Croagunk DP - Majestic Dawn
Dusk Ball DP - Majestic Dawn
Eevee DP - Majestic Dawn
Eevee DP - Majestic Dawn
Electrike DP - Majestic Dawn
Energy Search DP - Majestic Dawn
Espeon DP - Majestic Dawn
Manectric DP - Majestic Dawn
Mom's Kindness DP - Majestic Dawn
Pikachu DP - Majestic Dawn
Piplup DP - Majestic Dawn
Prinplup DP - Majestic Dawn
Quick Ball DP - Majestic Dawn
Shellos (East Sea) DP - Majestic Dawn
Turtwig DP - Majestic Dawn
Warp Point DP - Majestic Dawn

DP - Mysterious Treasures
Abra DP - Mysterious Treasures
Aipom DP - Mysterious Treasures
Armor Fossil DP - Mysterious Treasures
Barboach DP - Mysterious Treasures
Bebe's Search DP - Mysterious Treasures
Bidoof DP - Mysterious Treasures
Bronzor DP - Mysterious Treasures
Buizel DP - Mysterious Treasures
Chikorita DP - Mysterious Treasures
Chingling DP - Mysterious Treasures
Darkness Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Doduo DP - Mysterious Treasures
Electrike DP - Mysterious Treasures
Exeggcute DP - Mysterious Treasures
Fighting Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Finneon DP - Mysterious Treasures
Fire Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Geodude DP - Mysterious Treasures
Grass Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Lightning Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Magby DP - Mysterious Treasures
Murkrow DP - Mysterious Treasures
Night Maintenance DP - Mysterious Treasures
Paras DP - Mysterious Treasures
Psychic Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures
Pupitar DP - Mysterious Treasures
Sandshrew DP - Mysterious Treasures
Seel DP - Mysterious Treasures
Skull Fossil DP - Mysterious Treasures
Slakoth DP - Mysterious Treasures
Snover DP - Mysterious Treasures
Spheal DP - Mysterious Treasures
Spinarak DP - Mysterious Treasures
Teddiursa DP - Mysterious Treasures
Vulpix DP - Mysterious Treasures
Water Energy DP - Mysterious Treasures

DP - Secret Wonders
Darkness Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Fighting Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Fire Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Grass Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Grimer DP - Secret Wonders
Lickitung DP - Secret Wonders
Lightning Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Mareep DP - Secret Wonders
Metal Energy DP - Secret Wonders
Night Maintenance DP - Secret Wonders
Potion DP - Secret Wonders
Psyduck DP - Secret Wonders
Unown [K] DP - Secret Wonders
Water Energy DP - Secret Wonders

DP - Stormfront
Bagon DP - Stormfront
Dusclops DP - Stormfront
Duskull DP - Stormfront
Finneon DP - Stormfront
Magikarp DP - Stormfront
Miltank DP - Stormfront
Onix DP - Stormfront
Poké Drawer + DP - Stormfront
Potion DP - Stormfront
Staravia DP - Stormfront
Stunky DP - Stormfront
Switch DP - Stormfront
Tangela DP - Stormfront

DP: Trainer Kit #1 (Gold & Blue)
Water Energy DP: Trainer Kit #1 (Gold & Blue)

Dragon Vault
Axew Dragon Vault
Axew Dragon Vault
Dragonair Dragon Vault
Dragonite Dragon Vault
Dratini Dragon Vault
Druddigon Dragon Vault
First Ticket Dragon Vault
Fraxure Dragon Vault
Fraxure Dragon Vault
Super Rod Dragon Vault

Dragons Exalted
Bidoof Dragons Exalted
Cascoon Dragons Exalted
Deino Dragons Exalted
Electrike Dragons Exalted
Foongus Dragons Exalted
Gible Dragons Exalted
Houndour Dragons Exalted
Magikarp Dragons Exalted
Magmar Dragons Exalted
Mareep Dragons Exalted
Minccino Dragons Exalted
Probopass Dragons Exalted
Roggenrola Dragons Exalted
Roselia (Reverse Holo) Dragons Exalted
Sawk Dragons Exalted
Sawk (Reverse Holo) Dragons Exalted
Skiploom Dragons Exalted
Slakoth Dragons Exalted
Spheal Dragons Exalted
Swablu Dragons Exalted
Swablu Dragons Exalted
Vulpix Dragons Exalted

Emerging Powers
Cheren Emerging Powers
Deerling Emerging Powers
Drilbur Emerging Powers
Drilbur Emerging Powers
Ferroseed Emerging Powers
Ferroseed Emerging Powers
Ferrothorn Emerging Powers
Gothita Emerging Powers
Klink Emerging Powers
Pansear Emerging Powers
Pidove Emerging Powers
Purrloin Emerging Powers
Sandile Emerging Powers
Sewaddle Emerging Powers
Sigilyph Emerging Powers
Simisear Emerging Powers
Swadloon Emerging Powers
Vullaby Emerging Powers

Arcanine Evolutions
Beedrill Evolutions
Caterpie Evolutions
Charmander Evolutions
Charmeleon Evolutions
Devolution Spray Evolutions
Dewgong Evolutions
Diglett Evolutions
Doduo Evolutions
Drowzee Evolutions
Dugtrio Evolutions
Electabuzz Evolutions
Electrode Evolutions
Energy Retrieval Evolutions
Farfetch'd Evolutions
Fire Energy Evolutions
Full Heal Evolutions
Gastly Evolutions
Grass Energy Evolutions
Growlithe Evolutions
Haunter Evolutions
Kakuna Evolutions
Koffing Evolutions
Machoke Evolutions
Machop Evolutions
Magikarp Evolutions
Magmar Evolutions
Magnemite Evolutions
Magneton Evolutions
Maintenance Evolutions
Metal Energy Evolutions
Metapod Evolutions
Mewtwo Evolutions
Nidoran ♂ Evolutions
Nidorino Evolutions
Onix Evolutions
Pikachu Evolutions
Pokédex Evolutions
Poliwag Evolutions
Poliwhirl Evolutions
Poliwrath Evolutions
Ponyta Evolutions
Porygon Evolutions
Potion Evolutions
Psychic Energy Evolutions
Raticate Evolutions
Rattata Evolutions
Revive Evolutions
Sandshrew Evolutions
Seel Evolutions
Starmie Evolutions
Staryu Evolutions
Super Potion Evolutions
Switch Evolutions
Tangela Evolutions
Voltorb Evolutions
Vulpix Evolutions
Water Energy Evolutions
Weedle Evolutions

EX Crystal Guardians
Bulbasaur EX Crystal Guardians
Celio's Network EX Crystal Guardians
Charmander δ EX Crystal Guardians
Energy Search EX Crystal Guardians
Gulpin EX Crystal Guardians
Krabby EX Crystal Guardians
Meditite EX Crystal Guardians
Potion EX Crystal Guardians
Wingull EX Crystal Guardians

EX Delta Species
Fire Energy EX Delta Species
Grass Energy EX Delta Species
Psychic Energy EX Delta Species

EX Deoxys
Beldum EX Deoxys
Electrike EX Deoxys
Fire Energy EX Deoxys
Goldeen EX Deoxys
Grass Energy EX Deoxys
Lady Outing EX Deoxys
Lotad EX Deoxys
Manectric EX Deoxys
Master Ball EX Deoxys
Natu EX Deoxys
Nincada EX Deoxys
Numel EX Deoxys
Psychic Energy EX Deoxys
Seedot EX Deoxys
Spoink EX Deoxys
Taillow EX Deoxys

EX Dragon
Bagon EX Dragon
Camerupt EX Dragon
Corphish EX Dragon
Flygon EX Dragon
Grimer EX Dragon
Horsea EX Dragon
Magnemite EX Dragon
Nincada EX Dragon
Numel EX Dragon
Seadra EX Dragon
Spoink EX Dragon
Trapinch EX Dragon
TV Reporter EX Dragon

EX Dragon Frontiers
Ekans δ EX Dragon Frontiers
Feebas δ EX Dragon Frontiers
Vulpix δ EX Dragon Frontiers

EX Emerald
Baltoy EX Emerald
Baltoy EX Emerald
Cacnea EX Emerald
Camerupt EX Emerald
Doduo EX Emerald
Duskull EX Emerald
Electrike EX Emerald
Feebas EX Emerald
Feebas EX Emerald
Grumpig EX Emerald
Gulpin EX Emerald
Larvitar EX Emerald
Makuhita EX Emerald
Meditite EX Emerald
Ninetales EX Emerald
Numel EX Emerald
Plusle EX Emerald
Ralts EX Emerald
Relicanth EX Emerald
Rhydon EX Emerald
Rhyhorn EX Emerald
Shroomish EX Emerald
Snorunt EX Emerald
Spoink EX Emerald
Swablu EX Emerald
Treecko EX Emerald
Voltorb EX Emerald
Vulpix EX Emerald
Whismur EX Emerald
Zigzagoon EX Emerald

EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Bill's Maintenance EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Celio's Network EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Energy Removal 2 EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Life Herb EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Potion EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Switch EX FireRed & LeafGreen

EX Hidden Legends
Bellossom EX Hidden Legends
Cyndaquil EX Hidden Legends
Doduo EX Hidden Legends
Jigglypuff EX Hidden Legends
Life Herb EX Hidden Legends
Meditite EX Hidden Legends
Oddish EX Hidden Legends
Seedot EX Hidden Legends
Steven's Advice EX Hidden Legends
Surskit EX Hidden Legends
Whismur EX Hidden Legends

EX Legend Maker
Aron EX Legend Maker
Dunsparce EX Legend Maker

EX Power Keepers
Bagon EX Power Keepers
Charmander EX Power Keepers
Charmeleon EX Power Keepers
Combusken EX Power Keepers
Energy Removal 2 EX Power Keepers
Poochyena EX Power Keepers
Skitty EX Power Keepers
Torchic EX Power Keepers

EX Ruby And Sapphire
Delcatty EX Ruby And Sapphire
Electrike EX Ruby And Sapphire
Energy Removal 2 EX Ruby And Sapphire
Energy Search EX Ruby And Sapphire
Fighting Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Fire Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Goldeen EX Ruby And Sapphire
Grass Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Hariyama EX Ruby And Sapphire
Koffing EX Ruby And Sapphire
Lightning Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Mudkip EX Ruby And Sapphire
Numel EX Ruby And Sapphire
Phanpy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Poké Ball EX Ruby And Sapphire
PokéNav EX Ruby And Sapphire
Poochyena EX Ruby And Sapphire
Potion EX Ruby And Sapphire
Professor Birch EX Ruby And Sapphire
Psychic Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Skitty EX Ruby And Sapphire
Skitty EX Ruby And Sapphire
Skitty EX Ruby And Sapphire
Switch EX Ruby And Sapphire
Taillow EX Ruby And Sapphire
Torchic EX Ruby And Sapphire
Treecko EX Ruby And Sapphire
Water Energy EX Ruby And Sapphire
Wingull EX Ruby And Sapphire

EX Sandstorm
Claw Fossil EX Sandstorm
Eevee EX Sandstorm
Ekans EX Sandstorm
Espeon EX Sandstorm
Natu EX Sandstorm
Onix EX Sandstorm
Ralts EX Sandstorm
Root Fossil EX Sandstorm
Seedot EX Sandstorm

EX Team Magma Versus Team Aqua
Team Aqua's Spheal EX Team Magma Versus Team Aqua
Warp Point EX Team Magma Versus Team Aqua

EX Unseen Forces
Fire Energy EX Unseen Forces
Grass Energy EX Unseen Forces
Natu EX Unseen Forces
Pineco EX Unseen Forces
Poliwhirl EX Unseen Forces
Psychic Energy EX Unseen Forces
Slugma EX Unseen Forces
Smoochum EX Unseen Forces
Sunkern EX Unseen Forces
Wooper EX Unseen Forces

EX: Trainer Kit #1 (Red & Blue)
Fire Energy EX: Trainer Kit #1 (Red & Blue)

EX: Trainer Kit #2 (Red & Blue)
Lightning Energy EX: Trainer Kit #2 (Red & Blue)

Charmander Expedition
Clefairy Expedition
Copycat Expedition
Corsola Expedition
Cyndaquil Expedition
Ekans Expedition
Energy Restore Expedition
Energy Search Expedition
Fighting Energy Expedition
Fire Energy Expedition
Full Heal Expedition
Goldeen Expedition
Grass Energy Expedition
Lightning Energy Expedition
Master Ball Expedition
Meowth Expedition
Moo-Moo Milk Expedition
Pikachu Expedition
Ponyta Expedition
Psychic Energy Expedition
Shellder Expedition
Water Energy Expedition

Fates Collide
Alakazam Spirit Link Fates Collide
Audino Spirit Link Fates Collide
Binacle Fates Collide
Braixen Fates Collide
Cottonee Fates Collide
Diglett Fates Collide
Dome Fossil Kabuto Fates Collide
Fairy Garden Fates Collide
Fennekin Fates Collide
Fennekin Fates Collide
Fossil Excavation Kit Fates Collide
Glaceon EX Fates Collide
Gothita Fates Collide
Jigglypuff Fates Collide
Koffing Fates Collide
Larvitar Fates Collide
Lass's Special Fates Collide
Lugia Fates Collide
M Alakazam EX Fates Collide
Meowth Fates Collide
Meowth (Reverse Holo) Fates Collide
Minccino Fates Collide
Minccino Fates Collide
N Fates Collide
Riolu Fates Collide
Seel Fates Collide
Snivy Fates Collide
Snubbull Fates Collide
Solosis Fates Collide
Spoink Fates Collide
Vullaby Fates Collide
Whismur Fates Collide
Wigglytuff Fates Collide
Wormadam Fates Collide
Wormadam Fates Collide

Bergmite Flashfire
Binacle Flashfire
Buizel Flashfire
Buneary Flashfire
Caterpie Flashfire
Dusclops Flashfire
Flabébé Flashfire
Fletchinder Flashfire
Fletchling Flashfire
Floette Flashfire
Geodude Flashfire
Helioptile Flashfire
Litleo Flashfire
Luxio Flashfire
Maractus Flashfire
Pal Pad Flashfire
Ponyta Flashfire
Scrafty Flashfire
Scraggy Flashfire
Seedot Flashfire
Sentret Flashfire
Skrelp Flashfire
Spheal Flashfire
Spritzee Flashfire
Stunky Flashfire

Aerodactyl Fossil
Arbok Fossil
Articuno Fossil
Cloyster Fossil
Ditto Fossil
Dragonite Fossil
Ekans Fossil
Gambler Fossil
Gastly Fossil
Geodude Fossil
Golbat Fossil
Golduck Fossil
Golem Fossil
Graveler Fossil
Grimer Fossil
Haunter Fossil
Horsea Fossil
Kabuto Fossil
Kingler Fossil
Krabby Fossil
Lapras Fossil
Magmar Fossil
Magneton Fossil
Magneton Fossil
Mr. Fuji Fossil
Muk Fossil
Muk Fossil
Omanyte Fossil
Omastar Fossil
Psyduck Fossil
Psyduck Fossil
Raichu Fossil
Raichu Fossil
Recycle Fossil
Sandslash Fossil
Seadra Fossil
Shellder Fossil
Shellder Fossil
Slowbro Fossil
Slowpoke Fossil
Slowpoke Fossil
Tentacool Fossil
Zubat Fossil

Furious Fists
Bellsprout Furious Fists
Glaceon Furious Fists
Gothita Furious Fists
Jaw Fossil Furious Fists
Machop Furious Fists
Pancham Furious Fists
Pikachu Furious Fists
Plusle Furious Fists
Poliwag Furious Fists
Poliwhirl Furious Fists
Scraggy Furious Fists
Super Scoop Up Furious Fists
Watchog Furious Fists


Generations (Radiant Collection)
Slurpuff Generations (Radiant Collection)
Swablu Generations (Radiant Collection)
Wobbuffet Generations (Radiant Collection)
Yveltal Generations (Radiant Collection)

Gym 1/Gym 2 (Japanese)

Gym Challenge
Blaine's Charmeleon Gym Challenge
Blaine's Growlithe Gym Challenge
Blaine's Mankey Gym Challenge
Blaine's Ponyta Gym Challenge
Blaine's Quiz #2 Gym Challenge
Blaine's Rhyhorn Gym Challenge
Brock's Diglett Gym Challenge
Brock's Sandslash Gym Challenge
Erika's Bulbasaur Gym Challenge
Erika's Jigglypuff Gym Challenge
Erika's Oddish Gym Challenge
Erika's Paras Gym Challenge
Fire Energy Gym Challenge
Giovanni Gym Challenge
Giovanni's Machop Gym Challenge
Giovanni's Magikarp Gym Challenge
Giovanni's Meowth Gym Challenge
Giovanni's Meowth Gym Challenge
Grass Energy Gym Challenge
Koga Gym Challenge
Koga's Grimer Gym Challenge
Koga's Koffing Gym Challenge
Koga's Pidgey Gym Challenge
Koga's Tangela Gym Challenge
Koga's Weedle Gym Challenge
Koga's Zubat Gym Challenge
Lt. Surge's Pikachu Gym Challenge
Lt. Surge's Voltorb Gym Challenge
Master Ball Gym Challenge
Misty's Magikarp Gym Challenge
Misty's Poliwag Gym Challenge
Misty's Psyduck Gym Challenge
Misty's Seel Gym Challenge
Misty's Wish Gym Challenge
Psychic Energy Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Abra Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Gastly Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Gengar Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Hypno Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Porygon Gym Challenge
Sabrina's Psyduck Gym Challenge
Transparent Walls Gym Challenge
Warp Point Gym Challenge
Water Energy Gym Challenge

Gym Heroes
Blaine's Gamble Gym Heroes
Blaine's Ponyta Gym Heroes
Blaine's Tauros Gym Heroes
Blaine's Vulpix Gym Heroes
Brock's Geodude Gym Heroes
Brock's Geodude Gym Heroes
Brock's Onix Gym Heroes
Brock's Vulpix Gym Heroes
Erika's Gloom Gym Heroes
Erika's Oddish Gym Heroes
Erika's Oddish Gym Heroes
Erika's Tangela Gym Heroes
Fighting Energy Gym Heroes
Fire Energy Gym Heroes
Good Manners Gym Heroes
Grass Energy Gym Heroes
Lightning Energy Gym Heroes
Misty Gym Heroes
Misty's Cloyster Gym Heroes
Misty's Duel Gym Heroes
Misty's Horsea Gym Heroes
Misty's Seel Gym Heroes
Misty's Shellder Gym Heroes
Misty's Staryu Gym Heroes
Misty's Wrath Gym Heroes
Narrow Gym Gym Heroes
Psychic Energy Gym Heroes
Sabrina's Gastly Gym Heroes
Sabrina's Gaze Gym Heroes
Water Energy Gym Heroes

HeartGold & SoulSilver
Chansey HeartGold & SoulSilver
Chikorita HeartGold & SoulSilver
Copycat HeartGold & SoulSilver
Corsola HeartGold & SoulSilver
Cyndaquil HeartGold & SoulSilver
Delibird HeartGold & SoulSilver
Dunsparce HeartGold & SoulSilver
Energy Switch HeartGold & SoulSilver
Exeggcute HeartGold & SoulSilver
Girafarig HeartGold & SoulSilver
Growlithe HeartGold & SoulSilver
Hoppip HeartGold & SoulSilver
Igglybuff (Reverse Holo) HeartGold & SoulSilver
Jynx HeartGold & SoulSilver
Lightning Energy HeartGold & SoulSilver
Mareep HeartGold & SoulSilver
Marill HeartGold & SoulSilver
Paras HeartGold & SoulSilver
Pokégear 3.0 HeartGold & SoulSilver
Professor Elm's Training Method HeartGold & SoulSilver
Professor Oak's New Theory HeartGold & SoulSilver
Sentret HeartGold & SoulSilver
Skiploom HeartGold & SoulSilver
Slowpoke HeartGold & SoulSilver
Spinarak HeartGold & SoulSilver
Staryu HeartGold & SoulSilver
Sunkern HeartGold & SoulSilver
Unown HeartGold & SoulSilver
Vulpix HeartGold & SoulSilver
Wooper HeartGold & SoulSilver

HS - Triumphant
Aipom HS - Triumphant
Bellsprout HS - Triumphant
Diglett HS - Triumphant
Lickitung HS - Triumphant
Magnemite HS - Triumphant
Pidgey (Reverse Holo) HS - Triumphant
Swinub HS - Triumphant
Volbeat HS - Triumphant

HS - Undaunted
Grimer HS - Undaunted
Jolteon HS - Undaunted
Makuhita HS - Undaunted
Pikachu HS - Undaunted
Team Rocket's Trickery HS - Undaunted
Unown HS - Undaunted

HS - Unleashed
Chinchou HS - Unleashed
Larvitar HS - Unleashed
Larvitar HS - Unleashed
Mankey HS - Unleashed
Natu HS - Unleashed
Poliwag HS - Unleashed
Pupitar HS - Unleashed
Remoraid HS - Unleashed
Squirtle HS - Unleashed
Teddiursa HS - Unleashed
Vulpix HS - Unleashed

Bellsprout Jungle
Butterfree Jungle
Butterfree Jungle
Cubone Jungle
Dodrio Jungle
Eevee Jungle
Exeggcute Jungle
Exeggutor Jungle
Flareon Jungle
Gloom Jungle
Goldeen Jungle
Jigglypuff Jungle
Jigglypuff Jungle
Kangaskhan Jungle
Lickitung Jungle
Mankey Jungle
Meowth Jungle
Nidorina Jungle
Oddish Jungle
Paras Jungle
Parasect Jungle
Persian Jungle
Pidgeot Jungle
Pikachu Jungle
Pikachu Jungle
Pinsir Jungle
Poké Ball Jungle
Rapidash Jungle
Rhydon Jungle
Rhyhorn Jungle
Scyther Jungle
Seaking Jungle
Spearow Jungle
Tauros Jungle
Venomoth Jungle
Venonat Jungle
Venonat Jungle
Weepinbell Jungle
Weepinbell Jungle

Kalos Starter Set
Darkness Energy Kalos Starter Set
Fairy Energy Kalos Starter Set
Tierno Kalos Starter Set

Legendary Collection
Abra Legendary Collection
Bill Legendary Collection
Bulbasaur Legendary Collection
Caterpie Legendary Collection
Challenge! Legendary Collection
Dark Dragonair Legendary Collection
Dark Wartortle Legendary Collection
Dewgong Legendary Collection
Dratini Legendary Collection
Drowzee Legendary Collection
Energy Retrieval Legendary Collection
Exeggcute Legendary Collection
Exeggutor Legendary Collection
Gastly Legendary Collection
Golduck Legendary Collection
Grimer Legendary Collection
Hitmonlee Legendary Collection
Magnemite Legendary Collection
Magneton Legendary Collection
Meowth Legendary Collection
Mysterious Fossil Legendary Collection
Nidoran ♂ Legendary Collection
Pikachu Legendary Collection
Potion Legendary Collection
Psyduck Legendary Collection
Rattata Legendary Collection
Seadra Legendary Collection
Seel Legendary Collection
Squirtle Legendary Collection
Tauros Legendary Collection
Tentacool Legendary Collection
The Boss's Way Legendary Collection
Voltorb Legendary Collection

Legendary Treasures
Croagunk Legendary Treasures
Gallade Legendary Treasures
Spiritomb Legendary Treasures
Tepig Legendary Treasures

Legendary Treasures (Radiant)
Ralts (Radiant) Legendary Treasures (Radiant)

National Beginning Set
Biriridama (Voltorb) National Beginning Set
Chaobuu (Pignite) National Beginning Set
Cheren (Cheren) National Beginning Set
Futachimaru (Dewott) National Beginning Set
Gochimu (Gothita) National Beginning Set
Janobii (Servine) National Beginning Set
Kizu Gusuri (Potion) National Beginning Set
Mijumaru (Oshawott) National Beginning Set
Pokabu (Tepig) National Beginning Set
Rioru (Riolu) National Beginning Set
Tsutaaja (Snivy) National Beginning Set

Neo Destiny
Cyndaquil Neo Destiny
Girafarig Neo Destiny
Growlithe Neo Destiny
Larvitar Neo Destiny
Light Sunflora Neo Destiny
Mail from Bill Neo Destiny

Neo Discovery
Butterfree Neo Discovery
Caterpie Neo Discovery
Dunsparce Neo Discovery
Eevee Neo Discovery
Energy Ark Neo Discovery
Hoppip Neo Discovery
Kabuto Neo Discovery
Larvitar Neo Discovery
Magnemite Neo Discovery
Mareep Neo Discovery
Natu Neo Discovery
Omanyte Neo Discovery
Pineco Neo Discovery
Sentret Neo Discovery
Spinarak Neo Discovery
Teddiursa Neo Discovery
Unown [E] Neo Discovery
Unown [F] Neo Discovery
Unown [O] Neo Discovery
Wooper Neo Discovery

Neo Genesis
Aipom Neo Genesis
Ariados Neo Genesis
Bayleef Neo Genesis
Bill's Teleporter Neo Genesis
Buubaa (Magmar) Neo Genesis
Chikorita Neo Genesis
Chinchou Neo Genesis
Clefairy Neo Genesis
Cyndaquil Neo Genesis
Cyndaquil Neo Genesis
Double Gust Neo Genesis
Fighting Energy Neo Genesis
Fire Energy Neo Genesis
Girafarig Neo Genesis
Granbull Neo Genesis
Grass Energy Neo Genesis
Guraigaa (Gligar) Neo Genesis
Hoothoot Neo Genesis
Hoppip Neo Genesis
Horsea Neo Genesis
Kingdra Neo Genesis
Ledyba Neo Genesis
Lightning Energy Neo Genesis
Mantine Neo Genesis
Mareep Neo Genesis
Marill Neo Genesis
Mary Neo Genesis
Miltank Neo Genesis
Moo-Moo Milk Neo Genesis
Murkrow Neo Genesis
Natu Neo Genesis
New Pokédex Neo Genesis
Noctowl Neo Genesis
Oddish Neo Genesis
Onix Neo Genesis
Phanpy Neo Genesis
Pokémon March Neo Genesis
Professor Elm Neo Genesis
Psychic Energy Neo Genesis
Quilava Neo Genesis
Seadra Neo Genesis
Shuckle Neo Genesis
Slowpoke Neo Genesis
Snubbull Neo Genesis
Spinarak Neo Genesis
Stantler Neo Genesis
Sunkern Neo Genesis
Super Rod Neo Genesis
Super Scoop Up Neo Genesis
Swinub Neo Genesis
Time Capsule Neo Genesis
Totodile Neo Genesis
Totodile Neo Genesis
Water Energy Neo Genesis
Wooper Neo Genesis
Xatu Neo Genesis

Neo Revelation
Aipom Neo Revelation
Farfetch'd Neo Revelation
Goldeen Neo Revelation
Old Rod Neo Revelation
Slugma Neo Revelation
Stantler Neo Revelation

Next Destinies
Jigglypuff Next Destinies
Munna Next Destinies
Musharna Next Destinies
Riolu Next Destinies
Sneasel (Reverse Holo) Next Destinies

Nintendo Black Star Promos
Bagon Scrye Nintendo Black Star Promos

Noble Victories
Audino Noble Victories
Deino Noble Victories
Druddigon Noble Victories
Durant Noble Victories
Frillish Noble Victories
Golett Noble Victories
Palpitoad Noble Victories
Sewaddle Noble Victories
Stunfisk Noble Victories
Tympole Noble Victories

Phantom Forces
Alomomola Phantom Forces
Frillish Phantom Forces
Gengar Spirit Link Phantom Forces
Krabby Phantom Forces
Liepard Phantom Forces
Litleo Phantom Forces
Litwick Phantom Forces
Murkrow Phantom Forces
Poochyena Phantom Forces
Skarmory Phantom Forces

Plasma Blast
Aggron Plasma Blast
Bagon Plasma Blast
Drifloon Plasma Blast
Ducklett Plasma Blast
Houndour Plasma Blast
Kangaskhan Plasma Blast
Machoke Plasma Blast
Machop Plasma Blast
Solosis Plasma Blast
Squirtle Plasma Blast
Teddiursa Plasma Blast

Plasma Freeze
Cacnea Plasma Freeze
Dratini Plasma Freeze
Eevee Plasma Freeze
Eevee Plasma Freeze
Espeon Team Plasma Plasma Freeze
Hariyama Plasma Freeze
Kecleon Plasma Freeze
Lanturn Plasma Freeze
Makuhita Plasma Freeze
Mankey Plasma Freeze
Miltank Plasma Freeze
Nidoking Plasma Freeze
Nidoqueen Plasma Freeze
Nidoran ♂ Plasma Freeze
Nidorina Plasma Freeze
Palpitoad Plasma Freeze
Pawniard Plasma Freeze
Pawniard Plasma Freeze
Raticate Team Plasma Plasma Freeze
Rattata Plasma Freeze
Starly Plasma Freeze
Tympole Plasma Freeze
Vanillite Plasma Freeze
Voltorb Plasma Freeze

Plasma Storm
Combee Plasma Storm
Magnezone Plasma Storm
Riolu Plasma Storm

Carnivine Platinum
Cascoon Platinum
Chimchar Platinum
Dugtrio Platinum
Honchkrow G Platinum
Kricketot Platinum
Lickitung Platinum
Lombre Platinum
Lotad Platinum
Misdreavus Platinum
Ninetales Platinum
Poké Ball Platinum
Ralts Platinum
Silcoon Platinum
Torchic Platinum
Vulpix Platinum
Wurmple Platinum

Platinum - Arceus
Arceus Platinum - Arceus
Bagon Platinum - Arceus
Beedrill G Platinum - Arceus
Beginning Door Platinum - Arceus
Bronzong Platinum - Arceus
Bronzong Platinum - Arceus
Bronzor Platinum - Arceus
Bronzor Platinum - Arceus
Buneary Platinum - Arceus
Burmy Plant Cloak Platinum - Arceus
Burmy Sandy Cloak Platinum - Arceus
Burmy Trash Cloak Platinum - Arceus
Charmander Platinum - Arceus
Charmeleon Platinum - Arceus
Croagunk Platinum - Arceus
Department Store Girl Platinum - Arceus
Dome Fossil Platinum - Arceus
Electrike Platinum - Arceus
Electrike Platinum - Arceus
Expert Belt (Pokémon Tool) Platinum - Arceus
Gastly Platinum - Arceus
Geodude Platinum - Arceus
Geodude (Reverse Holo) Platinum - Arceus
Grovyle Platinum - Arceus
Gulpin Platinum - Arceus
Helix Fossil Platinum - Arceus
Kabuto Platinum - Arceus
Luxio Platinum - Arceus
Luxray Platinum - Arceus
Makuhita Platinum - Arceus
Manectric Platinum - Arceus
Nosepass Platinum - Arceus
Old Amber Platinum - Arceus
Omanyte Platinum - Arceus
Pelipper Platinum - Arceus
Pelipper Platinum - Arceus
Pikachu Platinum - Arceus
Pokémon Tool: Buffer Piece Platinum - Arceus
Ponyta Platinum - Arceus
Rapidash Platinum - Arceus
Rattata Platinum - Arceus
Snorunt Platinum - Arceus
Tangela Platinum - Arceus
Treecko Platinum - Arceus
Wingull Platinum - Arceus
Wingull Platinum - Arceus
Wormadam Sandy Cloak Platinum - Arceus
Wormadam Trash Cloak Platinum - Arceus

Platinum - Rising Rivals
Aaron's Collection Platinum - Rising Rivals
Aerodactyl GL Platinum - Rising Rivals
Bebe's Search Platinum - Rising Rivals
Eevee Platinum - Rising Rivals
Fighting Energy Platinum - Rising Rivals
Flareon 4 Platinum - Rising Rivals
Froslass GL Platinum - Rising Rivals
Grass Energy Platinum - Rising Rivals
Hippopotas Platinum - Rising Rivals
Houndoom 4 Platinum - Rising Rivals
Infernape 4 Platinum - Rising Rivals
Kakuna Platinum - Rising Rivals
Koffing Platinum - Rising Rivals
Lucian's Assignment Platinum - Rising Rivals
Munchlax Platinum - Rising Rivals
Nidoran ♀ Platinum - Rising Rivals
Nidorino Platinum - Rising Rivals
Psychic Energy Platinum - Rising Rivals
Seedot Platinum - Rising Rivals
SP Energy (Special Energy Card) Platinum - Rising Rivals
Spheal Platinum - Rising Rivals
Starmie Platinum - Rising Rivals
Staryu Platinum - Rising Rivals
Trapinch Platinum - Rising Rivals
Underground Expedition Platinum - Rising Rivals
Water Energy Platinum - Rising Rivals
Weedle Platinum - Rising Rivals
Weezing Platinum - Rising Rivals

Platinum - Supreme Victors
Chimchar Platinum - Supreme Victors
Combee Platinum - Supreme Victors
Hippopotas Platinum - Supreme Victors
Sandshrew Platinum - Supreme Victors
Shinx Platinum - Supreme Victors
Surskit Platinum - Supreme Victors
Turtwig Platinum - Supreme Victors

Platinum 1 (Japanese Pt1)
Psychic Energy Platinum 1 (Japanese Pt1)

Platinum 2 (Japanese Pt2)
Hitodeman (Staryu) Platinum 2 (Japanese Pt2)

Primal Clash
Feebas Primal Clash
Fighting Energy Primal Clash
Fire Energy Primal Clash
Lightning Energy Primal Clash
Mudkip Primal Clash
Nosepass Primal Clash
Spinda Primal Clash
Volbeat Primal Clash
Water Energy Primal Clash

Roaring Skies
Dunsparce Roaring Skies
Hawlucha Roaring Skies
Natu Roaring Skies
Nincada Roaring Skies
Revive Roaring Skies
Shuppet Roaring Skies
Spearow Roaring Skies
Togepi Roaring Skies
Togetic Roaring Skies
Tropius Roaring Skies

Steam Siege
Aipom Steam Siege
Anorith Steam Siege
Azumarill Steam Siege
Bergmite Steam Siege
Braviary Steam Siege
Chimchar Steam Siege
Clauncher Steam Siege
Cobalion Steam Siege
Deino Steam Siege
Dewott Steam Siege
Drifloon Steam Siege
Fletchling Steam Siege
Foongus Steam Siege
Greedy Dice Steam Siege
Hawlucha Steam Siege
Joltik Steam Siege
Jumpluff Steam Siege
Klefki Steam Siege
Klink Steam Siege
Larvesta Steam Siege
Litleo Steam Siege
Litwick Steam Siege
Mankey Steam Siege
Mantine Steam Siege
Marill Steam Siege
Meowth Steam Siege
Nidorino Steam Siege
Ninja Boy Steam Siege
Nosepass Steam Siege
Nuzleaf Steam Siege
Pawniard Steam Siege
Persian Steam Siege
Ponyta Steam Siege
Rapidash Steam Siege
Rufflet Steam Siege
Seedot Steam Siege
Shellos Steam Siege
Shieldon Steam Siege
Sneasel Steam Siege
Special Charge Steam Siege
Yanma Steam Siege
Yveltal Steam Siege
Zweilous Steam Siege

Team Rocket
Abra Team Rocket
Abra Team Rocket
Challenge! Team Rocket
Charmander Team Rocket
Charmander Team Rocket
Dark Alakazam Team Rocket
Dark Arbok Team Rocket
Dark Dugtrio Team Rocket
Dark Electrode Team Rocket
Dark Flareon Team Rocket
Dark Gloom Team Rocket
Dark Gloom Team Rocket
Dark Golduck Team Rocket
Dark Gyarados Team Rocket
Dark Machoke Team Rocket
Dark Magneton Team Rocket
Dark Persian Team Rocket
Dark Primeape Team Rocket
Dark Rapidash Team Rocket
Dark Raticate Team Rocket
Dark Raticate Team Rocket
Dark Wartortle Team Rocket
Dark Weezing Team Rocket
Dark Weezing Team Rocket
Diglett Team Rocket
Dratini Team Rocket
Dratini Team Rocket
Drowzee Team Rocket
Drowzee Team Rocket
Eevee Team Rocket
Eevee Team Rocket
Ekans Team Rocket
Ekans Team Rocket
Goop Gas Attack Team Rocket
Grimer Team Rocket
Koffing Team Rocket
Koffing Team Rocket
Machop Team Rocket
Magikarp Team Rocket
Magnemite Team Rocket
Magnemite Team Rocket
Mankey Team Rocket
Mankey Team Rocket
Meowth Team Rocket
Meowth Team Rocket
Oddish Team Rocket
Oddish Team Rocket
Ponyta Team Rocket
Ponyta Team Rocket
Psyduck Team Rocket
Rattata Team Rocket
Rattata Team Rocket
Slowpoke Team Rocket
Slowpoke Team Rocket
Squirtle Team Rocket
Squirtle Team Rocket
The Boss's Way Team Rocket
The Boss's Way Team Rocket
Voltorb Team Rocket
Voltorb Team Rocket
Zubat Team Rocket
Zubat Team Rocket

Wild Blaze

Wizards Black Star Promo
Dragonite Wizards Black Star Promo
Eevee Wizards Black Star Promo
Electabuzz Wizards Black Star Promo
Mew Wizards Black Star Promo
Mewtwo Wizards Black Star Promo


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